Twin Terrorist Attacks Kill 64 People in Mali


At least 64 people were killed, including 49 civilians and 15 soldiers, in twin terrorist attacks that occurred in northeast Mali late on Thursday. The attacks targeted a military camp and a boat on the waterway connecting northern Gao and Mopti during the rainy season.


The terrorists raided a camp in Burem Circle in the Gao region and attacked a boat carrying soldiers. The interim government of Mali reported that about 50 attackers were killed in the ensuing fighting.

Responsibility and Background

The government stated that terrorists from al-Qaeda’s West African branch claimed responsibility for the attacks, although this is yet to be confirmed. Mali has been grappling with a violent insurgency linked to al-Qaeda and Daesh since 2012, which has spread throughout the region. The growing instability in the country has led to military coups and raised concerns among world powers.

Impact of Withdrawal

With the United Nations in the process of withdrawing, terrorist groups have taken advantage of the void left by the departure of Blue Helmets and French soldiers in the north and east. The attacked boat was transporting residents and supplies, including military personnel. The city of Timbuktu, under a blockade by JNIM, has been experiencing food and aid shortages.

Local Concerns

In Gao, the city that has been a frequent target of violent attacks, local anxiety is increasing. Some nomadic families have even started leaving the city as a sign that something is wrong, according to residents.

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