In a suspicious and frightening scene, the desert road connecting the Jordanian capital Amman and the southern governorates has turned into a roaring torrent that sweeps away everything in its path.

Despite warnings from the Hydrometeorological Center to be careful and risk slipping on roads in rainy areas, one of the buses took a risk and cut the road, causing it to overturn and board passengers. this is to protect yourself from drowning.

Desert road cut off

Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, spokesman for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate, said the deserted road was cut off in both directions in the Zumaila area, south of Amman, and reopened a few hours later due to heavy rains.

The Public Security Administration urged everyone not to use the Sumaila Road at this time. And follow the instructions of the public security personnel deployed on the road.

And she confirmed that a report was received this afternoon that there were people caught in the floods in a bus swept away by the currents on a deserted road, where specialized crews immediately went to the site and rescued 22 people stuck in the vehicle. bus, all in good condition.

The Public Security Administration once again reminded the need to stay away from low-lying areas and torrential currents during the state of air instability that the Kingdom is subject to in order to keep them safe.

Security Warnings

The Public Safety Directorate has once again warned citizens to exercise the utmost caution and caution during the prevailing unstable weather conditions.

The directorate emphasized the need to stay away from valley slopes and places where streams form and stay away from water collection points, and not risk blocking the road on foot or vehicles in case of floods. level, especially in the south and east of the Kingdom.

And called for caution and caution when driving vehicles on roads with limited horizontal visibility due to fog or rain, and to stay away from valleys, lowlands and torrential streams, which can rise quickly and suddenly, and not risk approaching them or cross them. catchment areas by vehicle or on foot.

He also called for the safe use of all kinds of heating methods, keeping houses properly ventilated from time to time, leaving heaters on while sleeping, in addition to cooperating with public safety officers deployed on the roads to guide, direct and provide assistance. when needed, and feel free to call the unified 911 emergency number if needed.

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