Former Ismaili club president Yehia El-Kumi spoke about the strangest deal in the Egyptian Premier League, signing a player in exchange for a garden.

The Ismaili club signed Mohamed Khalifa, a Zamalek player, during the last summer transfer period.

Yahya Al-Kumi said in television statements that he contracted player Mohamed Khalifa as a courtesy to his father.

Al-Kumi explained: “Muhammad Khalifa’s father is a friend of mine and his sister is the wife of the son of Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, and that is why I signed him last summer.”

He added: “The player joined the team for free, did not receive a salary and did not place in the list, as there were 3 empty places left in it.”

And he added: “Mohamed Khalifa’s father was supposed to build a commercial building in the garden of the club for 10 or 15 million Egyptian pounds in exchange for a contract with a player, but the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports did not agree.”

And Yahya Al-Kumi concluded: “There is no problem in this matter. The goal was for the player to get an opportunity and if he does not succeed, he will leave after I praised his father, and we should have benefited as Fine.”

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