Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed in a statement to Al-Arabiya TV today, Tuesday, that agreements with Israel exist and cannot be withdrawn, but pointed out that the Israeli side is violating all these agreements by its actions.

Abbas warned that the Palestinian Authority could withdraw its side of these agreements at any time.

The Palestinian President added that the authorities had sent a request to the International Court of Justice to describe the concept of occupation and mobilize international support for the rights of the Palestinians.

Abbas stressed that the Palestinian Authority will remain and will not stop, adding that the option of its dissolution was not discussed.

Abbas also said that the Palestinian Authority will deal with Benjamin Netanyahu, who is likely to lead the next Israeli government “without prejudice to his permanent ones.”

In another context, the Palestinian President said: “We have good relations with the regime in Syria … and the situation between us is normal”?, adding: “We are against the penetration of Hamas into Syria.”

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