In one of the bloodiest attacks since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, it was confirmed that the death toll from a Ukrainian bombing attack on a Russian recruiting center in Donetsk today, Monday, has risen to 78 soldiers, with another 136 wounded.

However, this shelling will not go unnoticed by Russia, since the Kremlin immediately pledged not to put up with what happened at all, especially since the base of the temporary deployment of the armed forces in Makovka came under fire, and it was hit by four missiles with a high carrying capacity. explosive warheads, according to the American NPR website.

Annie’s first Russian reply…

Accordingly, Russian forces deployed explosive drones in the target area.

The Ministry of Defense added that its warplanes attacked the points of temporary deployment of the “Foreign Legion” units in Donetsk and Kharkov, resulting in the death of dozens of people.

The defeat of 67 artillery installations at firing points, forces and military equipment in 92 regions of Ukraine was also confirmed, which coincided with the destruction of two warehouses of rocket and artillery weapons and a fuel depot.

While it does not mention the date of the hard-hitting Ukrainian strike, it confirms that it was carried out using precision weapons provided to Kyiv by the United States, opening the possibility for a new Russian response.

Powerful strike with accurate American weapons

The developments come after the Russian Defense Ministry admitted on Monday that Ukrainian forces fired rockets at a facility in the eastern Donetsk region where Russian soldiers were stationed, killing 78 of them in one of the bloodiest attacks on Kremlin forces since the outbreak of hostilities. in february. february last year.

The ministry said in a statement that Ukrainian forces fired 6 missiles from a HIMARS launcher, two of which were shot down.

Moscow confirmed the death of its soldiers

No date was given for the strike, but it was confirmed that it was carried out using precision-guided weapons provided to Kyiv by the United States.

Ukraine is using advanced Western-provided weapons to shoot down Russian missiles and drones, and to fire artillery into Russian-controlled areas of the country.

As for Donetsk, it is one of 4 Ukrainian regions that Russia declared annexation last year as part of its military operation in Ukraine launched at the end of February 2022.

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