Annapurna’s Animated Film “Stray” to be Directed by Chris Wedge

Annapurna Productions is excited to announce their newest feature film project, an animated film titled “Stray” directed by Chris Wedge, known for his work on “Ice Age”.

A Popular Indie Release

“Stray” was one of the biggest indie releases in 2022 and quickly gained popularity as it became one of the first titles to launch directly into the PS Plus Extra games catalog. Players were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to play as a cat, and “Stray” became one of the most beloved games of the year.

A Perfect Setting for an Animated Film

The world, story, and gameplay of “Stray” provide an ideal setting for an animated film. Fans of the game are eager to see what Wedge and the rest of the team will create in this adaptation.

Expanding Annapurna’s Film Catalog

“Stray” is just the beginning for Annapurna Productions. The studio has plans to turn other Annapurna properties into films, following the success of “Nimona”, now available on Netflix.

Source: EW

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