Mo Yan, 68, a Chinese writer and short story writer who won the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature “for his success in blending fiction, reality, historical and social aspects in his novels and non-fiction”, admitted to using “social intelligence” specifically through the chatbot chatGPT to write him the word He spoke at a ceremony held by the Chinese literary magazine Shouhuo on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

Mo Yan, described as “one of the most famous Chinese writers, and his works are the most banned from publication by the authorities,” according to what Al read in his biography. Some time ago, he received the prestigious first prize in the 2021 novel classification for his latest work, a novel published in the same year titled Wen Cheng, the Lost City continues to be a bestseller in several countries.

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In his speech on Wednesday, the Nobel laureate in literature admitted that he encountered difficulties in writing it, and in several attempts to weave the necessary phrases he did not succeed, so he turned to “intelligence” for help through a graduate student using “BBT”. chat” to provide him with key phrases representing aspects. An assignment from the life of his friend Yu Hua, who received an honorary prize, quickly provided him with a 1,000-word speech that he “delivered in a literary style reminiscent of the works of Shakespeare,” as he put it in his confession.

Mo Yan’s request for periods of “artificial intelligence” in literary writing sparked discussions on websites and among critics and writers attending the ceremony, some of whom questioned the ability of “intelligence” to be original and creative in writing, but others felt that his use of chatter was important in “The Growing Intersection of Technology and Literature”, showing how artificial intelligence continues to influence different areas of creativity, offering new perspectives and innovative solutions for the future of writing.

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