The Australian channel ABC News reported that the Australian government will buy “launchers” of American HIMARS missiles.

According to the channel, “The Australian Army will receive an unprecedented long-range offensive capability through the purchase of American HIMARS … The government of Anthony Albanese has entered into an agreement to purchase 20 MLRS trucks by 2026.”

According to the TV channel, citing the government, the total value of the purchases ranges from one billion to two billion Australian dollars (from 681.5 million to 1.36 billion US dollars).

On the other hand, the channel indicated that the government has also struck a deal to acquire Norwegian Navy missiles (NSM) for Australian warships next year.

At the end of December 2022, an Australian newspaper reported that the Australian government was considering building a new missile system to protect regions in the north of the country amid increased Chinese activity in the Asia-Pacific region.

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