Austria Summons European Commission Envoy for Criticizing Slow Phasing Out of Russian Gas


Austria has summoned a European Commission envoy for allegedly criticizing the slow pace at which Vienna is phasing out Russian gas. The envoy, Martin Sellmayr, made these remarks at an event in Vienna on Wednesday evening.

Comments by Sellmayr

Sellmayr expressed surprise at the lack of protests over Austrian gas payments to help fund Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, referring to it as “blood money.” He also highlighted that 55% of Austrian gas still comes from Russia.

European Commission’s Response

The European Commission issued a statement distancing itself from Sellmayr’s comments and criticized his remarks. They have asked him to report the incident to Brussels.

Austrian Gas Imports

Russia accounted for 60% of Austrian natural gas imports in June. This is a decrease from about 80% before the war, but still higher than the lowest monthly figure since last September, which was 21%.

Summons of Sellmayr

Mr. Sellmayr has been summoned by the Foreign Ministry to meet with the Secretary General. The meeting will take place upon his return to the country.

Moving Away from Russian Gas

The Austrian coalition government is aiming to reduce its reliance on Russian gas as a supplier. However, there are obstacles to this plan, including the country’s lack of access to the sea.

Increasing LNG Imports

Neighboring countries like Germany are increasing their ability to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from other regions into their ports.

Statement by Austrian Minister

Austrian Minister for European Union Affairs, Caroline Edtstadler, emphasized the importance of working together to overcome the challenges they face.

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