Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he would continue dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin if this would contribute to achieving peace in Ukraine.

Nehammer explained live on ORF2, saying: “We are a neutral country and we enjoy a special status in the European Union and it is important for me to be a negotiator and I visited Kiev and Moscow. , and held discussions with all parties in agreement with the UN Secretary General, since I had a long telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, negotiations on the opening of the Odessa port were very difficult, and I am ready to go further along this path to achieve peace in Ukraine .

He pointed out that targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure undermines negotiation opportunities and hinders efforts to converge views.

The Kremlin said the strike on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was in response to terrorist operations carried out by the Kiev regime, in coordination with its US and NATO allies, against unarmed civilians in Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporozhye, as well as against Russian civilian targets.

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