Which is the best iPhone 15 case overall?

While the iPhone 15 models haven’t shipped yet, plenty of cases are available for the new phones, many of which we’ve already tried or used with earlier iPhone models. It’s hard to anoint one the best case overall, but I like the new Otterbox Symmetry Series Soft Touch case. In contrast, the Speck Presidio ClickLock cases have an innovative design that works with both standard MagSafe accessories and Speck’s own ClickLock MagSafe accessories that “lock” onto the back of your phone.

Choosing the right case for your iPhone 15

Of course, people’s taste for cases varies, so I’ve included a variety of case options on this list, including some value picks for those who don’t want to spend that much money on a new iPhone 15 case. Note that the dimensions of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Max are slightly different from their iPhone 14 counterparts, so iPhone 14 cases likely won’t quite fit iPhone 15 models. Some iPhone 15 cases may fit iPhone 14 models (we’re still trying to sort that all out). But buy a specifically designed case for whatever new iPhone 15 model you have.

Best iPhone 15 cases of 2023

Speck: Innovative ClickLock Case System on MagSafe

Speck has introduced a range of 14 case designs for the iPhone 15, including popular transparent models like the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear Grips and the Presidio2 Pro. What sets Speck apart is its development of the ClickLock case system on MagSafe, which is compatible with any MagSafe accessory. This system features an interlocking mechanism that securely attaches Speck’s ClickLock accessories to your case. In addition to magnetic adherence, the accessories can be clicked into a small slot. While similar to Peak Design’s locking system, Speck’s cases are considered superior and more MagSafe accessory-friendly.

Otterbox: Extensive Line of Cases

Otterbox has brought its expansive line of cases to the iPhone 15. From the rugged Defender Series XT to the colorful Figura and the Symmetry Series Clear and OtterGrip Symmetry Series, Otterbox caters to various style preferences and protective needs.

ESR: Unique Kickstand Case

The ESR Kickstand case stands out with its unique design. Unlike typical silicone kickstand cases, the kickstand does not flip out from the backside of the case at the bottom. Instead, when retracted and unused, it acts as a protective ring around your camera lenses. Additionally, ESR offers a clear case version and sells various MagSafe accessories at reasonable prices.

Spigen: Affordable Clear MagSafe Case

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid MagFit is an excellent value at around $20 for those looking for an inexpensive clear MagSafe case.

Caseology: Budget-friendly Transparent MagSafe Case

Caseology offers a range of decent budget cases, including the NanoPop, Parallax, Skyfall, and Vault. Their new Capella Mag Kickstand is one of the more affordable transparent MagSafe cases. It features a built-in kickstand that retracts into the case when not in use, allowing you to attach MagSafe accessories.

Cyrill: Stylish Cases with Bright Color Options

As a sister brand to Spigen, Cyrill produces slightly more stylish cases, albeit at a somewhat higher price point. One of their standout cases is the UltraSheer Mag, available in neon yellow, pink, and blue.

Gear4 (now Zagg): Durable Cases with Shock-absorbing Technology

Gear4 cases, now sold under the Zagg brand, maintain their excellent quality. These cases are on par with Otterbox and Speck, featuring the company’s D3O shock-absorbing material and beveled edges for enhanced phone protection. The Milan Snap and Santa Cruz Snap models are notable for their built-in kickstands and MagSafe compatibility, offering 13-foot drop protection.

Peak Design: Versatile MagSafe-Compatible Cases

Peak Design’s Everyday case is MagSafe-compatible and allows you to connect various magnetic accessories, including wireless charging batteries and wallets, to the point. Their SlimLink magnetic locking system makes it easy to connect the case to a wide range of mobile mounts and accessories like bike mounts, charging stands, tripods, and car mounts. However, it is worth noting that the wallet accessory may not securely attach to the case.

Catalyst: Protective Cases with Perforations for Accessories

Formerly specializing in waterproof cases, Catalyst now focuses on standard protective issues and offers the Influence case for the iPhone 15. Available in MagSafe and non-MagSafe versions and a few color options, the Influence case provides 10-foot drop protection. It is notable for its perforations on the corners, which allow for the attachment of various accessories (a lanyard is included, and additional accessories are available for purchase).

Nomad: Leather Cases for iPhone 15

Despite Apple’s decision not to produce leather cases for the iPhone 15, Nomad continues to offer a line of leather cases. These cases come in two grades of leather – standard and higher-end Horween. The Horween version, costing $20 more than the standard version, develops a rugged patina over time as the oils from your skin interact with the leather. The Modern Leather Case is available in multiple colors, while the Modern Leather Folio doubles as a wallet case but does not convert into a kickstand like some alternatives.

Rokform: Durable Cases Compatible with Various Mounts

Rokform has been producing tough iPhone cases for years, known for their durability and compatibility with various mounts, such as bike and motorcycle mounts (sold separately). Their new iPhone 15 cases, notably the Crystal series, feature refined and updated designs, while the Rugged case offers slightly more rugged protection. Additionally, Rokform cases boast some of the strongest magnets for MagSafe accessories, ensuring secure adherence.

Smartish: Affordable, Slim, and Wallet Cases

Smartish returns with affordable, simple, slim wallet cases for the iPhone 15. The Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 case holds three credit cards and cash, with one credit card doubling as a kickstand. These cases, however, are not compatible with wireless and MagSafe chargers.

Totallee: Minimalistic Case Option

For those who prefer minimalistic protection, Totallee offers ultra-thin cases that provide minimal bulk. These cases are designed to maintain the iPhone’s slim profile while protecting against scratches and minor drops.

Clckr x G-Form: Protective Cases with Drop Protection

Clckr, known for its innovative MagSafe accessories, has partnered with G-Form to produce iPhone 15 cases with good drop protection. The Onyx case offers 13-foot drop protection, while the Force case provides even higher protection with a 16-foot rating. These cases feature eye-catching designs, and Clckr MagSafe cases start at $50 for the clear Diamond case with MagSafe.

The diverse range of MagSafe cases for the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 offers a diverse range of MagSafe cases catering to various style preferences and protection needs. From innovative locking systems to budget-friendly options and durable cases from reputable brands, consumers have a wide selection when protecting their new iPhone 15.

Factors to consider when buying an iPhone 15 case

MagSafe support — or not? You can save about $8-$10 by getting a case that doesn’t have MagSafe support (the metal ring built into the case). But I generally encourage people to spend the extra money for a MagSafe-enabled chance because of the number of MagSafe accessories on the market, some of them quite helpful.

Thin or thicker? Some people like minimal cases that add little to no bulk to their iPhones, but most are looking for a case that offers excellent or maximum protection. I tell people to find a car that’s not too thick and maybe even pretty slim and offers at least 6-foot drop protection (and good corner protection).

Do you want a clear case? Clear cases are because they show off your phone (and its color). But clear, significantly cheaper ones can become less clear over time and slowly start to yellow. Many case makers now add UV protection to their clear cases to prevent yellowing.

How we test the best iPhone 15 case

Several of the cases on this list were previously available for the iPhone 14 models, and we added them to the list based on our previous testing with the iPhone 14. Typically, we try to use the case on the phone for at least a day and make sure the buttons work correctly with the case on. Sometimes, we use them for several days or weeks to see how they wear over time.

Design: We evaluate the more superficial and cosmetic aspects of cases. Considering aesthetically pleasing, it is because people buy cases solely for their colors and the artwork on the…

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