We bring you the latest Game Updates, Patch Notes and details of Scheduled Maintenance of the Server.

A new update has been released for Black Desert Online Update 2.62. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Black Desert Online Update 2.62 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Major Updates – Improvements on Character Movements

Improved some classes basic movements (forward, back/left, right) starting from Archer and Guardian. We have added this action to provide more natural movement, but many Adventurers who actually played the characters after the maintenance have given us feedback that it felt uncomfortable. So, we have improved upon those motions again, however it seems Adventurers are still experiencing discomfort, so we reverted the movements back to how they were originally. We apologize for the Adventurers that like the current version. Going forward, we will examine elements that make up comfortable controls with greater care.

  • Improved control feel at the beginning and end of character movements when the following classes are moving in non-combat stance or with main weapon or awakening weapon drawn.
Shai, Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Corsair, Sage, Drakania, Woosa

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Waltz of Wind (I to III)

  • Added the following effects to the skill:
    • Ranged AP +6/8/10 for 10 sec when using the skill



Ground Lifting (I to III)            

  • Added the following effects to the skill:
    • Attack Speed +10/15/20% for 10 sec when using the skill


  • Fixed the issue of not being able to activate Blasting via Quick Slot.



Prime: Blizzard: Domain

  • Fixed the issue of Prime: Blizzard: Domain cooldown time not being reduced when comboing with Prime: Frigid Fog: Control after Prime: Meteor Shower.



Wind-piercer Patraca

  • Improved to always fire quickly when activated using this skill.

Pirate’s Life For Me

  • Changed so Pirate’s Life For Me can be used even during cooldown.
    • But, all AP Increase effect, Down Smash, Critical Hit Rate of extra attacks and Stun won’t be applied.
  • Changed Pirate’s Life For Me cooldown 4 sec → 5 sec.
  • Changed so Pirate’s Life For Me normal attack and extra attack damage are applied the same.
Skill DescriptionPreview

Crow’s Mark            

  • Increased activation speed when using Crow’s Mark at the spot.
  • Improved so the action links smoothly when it comboes with Pirate’s Life For Me after using the skill.
  • Changed Crow’s Mark (I to III) damage and Critical Hit Rate:
    • I to III attack damage 1032/1205/1400% → 1106/1292/1501%
    • Critical Hit Rate 15/20/25% → 15/25/35%

Flow: Earth-render Patraca            

  • Increased skill’s activation speed.

Cap’n’s Orders: Cease Fire!

  • Increased skill’s activation speed.
  • Changed skill’s damage and PvP Damage Reduction Rate:
    • Attack damage 1479% → 1553%
    • PvP Damage Reduction Rate: 55% → 51%

Sun-shielder Patraca (I to III)

  • Changed skill’s PvP Damage Reduction Rate:
    • I to III PvP Damage Reduction Rate: 34% → 30%


Several changes have been made to Drakania Awakening. First, we have updated her Hexeblood form so that her skills can be used with greater ease and precision. Also, some Dragonblood skills have been revamped to be (and feel) more powerful.

Drakania’s Hexeblood skills are focused on repeated strikes, with debuffs activated with each movement. This made it so that you had to find the right skill in order to activate your desired debuff. With this update, we have more clearly distinguished skills with debuffs from skills with block effects to simplify the composition of skill combos.

We have also revamped some Dragonblood skills to feel heftier. Skills such as Dragonblood: Storm Piercer and Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale, which use repeated strikes, have been updated so that all damage is inflicted with a single movement, then linking to the next skill.



  • Fixed the issue where the movement distance to the left was shorter than to the right when using Refraction with your trion.


  • Removed SHIFT + E from the Legacy skill command.
    • SHIFT + E is now a command for Flow: Obliterate.
  • Increased all AP increase effects in Dragonblood form from 15 to 25.
  • Increased all AP increase effects in Hexeblood form from 10 to 20.
  • Fixed the issue where in certain situations, all AP increase effects would stack.


  • Updated so that even when Doombringer is used from a higher position, there is no falling motion for the duration of the skill.

Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale

  • Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale has had the following updates.
    • Removed the first attack of the skill, and balanced the dealt damage accordingly.
    • Movement distance has been increased for when Dragonblood: Tip of the Scale is used after Refraction or Dragonwalk.
    • Skill activation delay has been reduced,

[Solo] Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Thread Guide

  •  A guide on threads has been added for [Solo] Atoraxxion: Yolunakea’s main quest.
    • “Architect’s Kyvelan Hexahedron” has been added next to the thread you meet during [Solo] Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
      • Intereract with Architect’s Kyvelan Hexahedron and access the guide through dialogue. The guide is designed to help solve the thread.

* Architect’s Kyvelan Hexahedron can only be accessed during [Solo] Atoraxxion.

Arena of Solare

The official Season for Arena of Solare has begun!

During the preseason, Adventurers had the chance to try out new gear, the Placement Match System and the new Battlefields. With the official season beginning, ranked matches of Adventurers will now be recorded.

Adventurers who achieve a high score by performing well in matches and through team ranked matches will receive the honorary “Solare Knight” Outfit and Title as well as a reward box of high value. Additionally, Adventurers who achieve the highest rank for each class will be showcased in the Battle Arena to show off their pride.

Lastly, during the times when ranked matches are not held, you can take advantage of the practice mode with friends or guild members to create parties for practicing teamwork skills and more. We hope that Adventurerers continue showing their love for Arena of Solare, as even more fiece battles unfold…!

  • The official Season for Arena of Solare has begun!
    • Preseason information has been reset and ranked matches will be recorded during the official season of Arena of Solare.
Arena of Solare Official SeasonJan 4, 2023 (after maintenance) – Feb 28, 2023 (before maintenance)
  • Improved so you can start talking on party chat as soon as you enter an Arena of Solare match.
  • Changes to the gear exclusive to Arena of Solare are as follows:
    • Changed the Max HP of Slumbering Sage’s Armor from +200 → -100.
    • Changed Evasion of TRI (III) Stormy Eye Ring from 6(+45) → 6(+41).
    • Changed Evasion of TRI (III) Stormy Eye Belt from 6(+56) → 6(+52).
    • Removed the Damage Reduction +3 effect of Pilgrim’s Crystal: Ascetic.

Arena of Solare TOP 1 Adventurer for each class

A picture of the TOP 1 Adventurer who achieve the highest rank for each class will be showcased in the Hall of Fame placed in the Battle Arena to show off their pride.
You can obtain Blessing of a Great Knight” by consuming energy 20 after interacting with warriors of Solare recorded in the Hall of Fame.
Blessing of a Great Knight: Breath EXP +10% for 10 hours          

▲ Hall of Fame in the Battle Arena


Arena of Solare Top 100 – 1. Solare Knight Outfit

  • Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive the Solare Knight Outfit.

Arena of Solare Top 100 – 2. Honorary title Solare Knight

  •  Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive the “Solare Knight” title.
    • The title can be used until the end of the next Arena of Solare regular season.

Arena of Solare Top 100 – 3. Glorious Solare Box

  •  Adventurers who rank in the top 100 for Arena of Solare during the official season will receive a Glorious Solare Box.

Radiant Shakatu’s Seal

Adventurers, who have been active and exchanging Shakatu’s seal for rewards will now have more to look forward to with these new changes. In addition to a Tier 8 Horse with Sprint, Instant Accel, and Drfit, we’ve changed the number of seals required for a Sailboat and added the Frigate to the exchangeable goods. And for Adventurers who have been saving a lot of seals, we’ve changed the TRI (III) accessories that’s been well-received to a more attractive offering. We’ve also added a new listing for Adventurers looking for Garmoth’s Horn and rare pet and the effect it grants, and also added the “Shining Knight” title for those seeking glory. We hope with these changes will make Shakatu’s seals a more meaningful reward for active Adventurers.

  • Following Shakatu’s request, Dellus will exchange the following items for Adventurers who have acquired the [Event] Shining Shakatu Seal.
    • The items that can be exchanged according to the number of [Event] Shining Shakatu Seals are as follows.
Number of [Event] Radiant Shakatu’s Seal Exchangeable Items
10[Event] Shining Gold Bar Box
10Horse Emblem: Golden Horse (Tier 8)
(Has the skills Instant Accel, Sprint , and Drift)
10Oquilla’s Flower x20
10Advanced Old Moon Box
20Supreme Old Moon Box
20Item Collection Increase Scroll x30
20Ship License: Epheria Sailboat
40Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Earth
40Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Sea
40Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Wind
50Ship License: Epheria Frigate
70Advice of Valks (+100)
100TRI (III) Tungrad Ring
100TRI (III) Ethereal Earring
100TRI (III)  Dawn Earring
100TRI (III) Ominous Ring
100TRI (III) : Black Distortion Earring
100TRI (III) Manos Necklace
100TRI (III) Manos Ring
100TRI (III) Manos Earrings
100TRI (III) Manos Belt
100Garmoth’s Horn
150Weapon Exchange Coupon Box
150Old Moon Trade Pass
300[Title] Shining Knight
  • Changed so that 10 Cron Stones can be exchanged for [Event] Shining Shakatu Seal x1 through Shakatu’s right-hand, Raomi.
    • Related information has been added to the [Event] Shining Seal of Shakatu item description accordingly.
  • You must show your seal to exchange the following items with Shakatu’s right-hands, Dellus and Raomi.
    • [Event] Shakatu’s Seal, [Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal

Blacksmith’s Secret Book

  • New Blacksmith’s Secret Books, 80 and 100, are now being sold by all blacksmiths. The prices are as follows.
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 80: 10,000,000 Silver
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 100: 20,000,000 Silver
  • The following prices of Blacksmith’s Secret Books have been changed to the following.
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 20: 1,000,000 Silver → 100,000 Silver
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 30: 1,500,000 Silver → 400,000 Silver
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 40: 2,000,000 Silver → 1,000,000 Silver
    • Blacksmith’s Secret Book – 50: 3,000,000 Silver → 2,000,000 Silver

  • Fixed the following item description:
    • Fairy’s Breath, Discarded Glass Bottle, Blush Leaf, Witch’s Delicacy, Mysterious Catalyst: Fixed some descriptions regarding NPC info.
    • Crystal Extraction Tool and Black Spirit Essence were changed accordingly to crystal preset functions.

Adjusted Magic Crystal Max Price on Central Market

  •  Adjusted the maximum price for the following Magic Crystals on the Central Market as follows:
    • Pre-order items on Central Market have been cancelled and items listed will be moved to storage accordingly during the Jan 4 (Wed) maintenance.
  • Changed the location of Marni’s Realm – Hexe Sanctuary.
  • Changed the message animation that pops up when Rawr-Rawr spawns or is defeated.
  • Fixed the issue where the [Wild] Feather Wolf would occasionally pursue Adventurers for an excessive distance.
    • Changed so that the [Wild] Feather Wolf will stop chasing if it gets too far from the location of the first attack.            
  • Changed so other Adventurers cannot be attacked for approximately 20 seconds after the World Boss is defeated.
  • Added a feature where once you reach a far enough distance from the defeated monster, the box automatically opens for you to check the loot when the box button appears upon defeating a World Boss.
  • “Adrian Loggia”, a young warrior from Velia of Balenos, secretly asks you for help, saying that they saw a mysterious shadow along the beach.
    • ‘Added quest “I’m Telling You the Truth!”.

* This quest can only be accepted after completing Adrian Loggia’s “Pirates!” quest.
* You can find this quest through Quests (O) under quest type “Other”.

  • Added quests to villagers in Duvencrune of the Drieghan territory.
    • You can accept the crossroad quest “Pleading Goblin” from the goblin in the alley across from Maopan the Cooking Merchant.

* You can find this quest through Quests (O) under quest type “Other”.

 Can only be accepted after completing all main quests from Mountain of Eternal Winter

    • You can accept the quest “Those Who Do Not Work Shall Not Eat” from Marsel near Duvencrune Farmland.

* You can find this quest through Quests (O) under quest type “Life”.

The rules for Node Wars have been changed, and the pre-season will begin on Sunday, January 8, 2023. 

Before we begin, we would like to express our gratitude once again to the Adventurers who have waited for this change.

This pre-season, we have completely removed the “war games” style and will return to the previous Node War rules.

Due to these changes, the pre-season is expected to last for about a month. However, we hope that the changes we have made to this pre-season will be impactful and fun.

Some of the changes include adjusting the maximum number of nodes to 40. The significant decrease in the number of nodes was done to encourage more guilds to compete against each other for them. However, to prevent a powerful guild from monopolizing the nodes, we have limited the number of nodes a guild can occupy at a time to three.

Furthermore, after the end of the pre-season, additional benefits will be added for occupying a node. When a guild takes a node, the bonuses given for investing in the node will double.
For example, if Guild A takes Mansha Forest, then all members of Guild A will receive double the bonuses for their investment level. There are also nodes that do not have monster zones. This means that guilds will have to decide whether they want to target a specific node or go after regular nodes.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the Shining Medals of Honor will be awarded to guilds and their members regardless of whether they win or lose the war. We will provide more details about rewards once the pre-season officially begins.

  •  Rules for Node/Conquest Wars have been changed.
    • The main changes are as listed below.
Node/Conquest Wars by territory depending on the day of the weekNode/Conquest Wars at each respective node depending on the day of the week.
Can only participate through conquered and connected nodes.Can participate freely at any node.
Multiple Node/Conquest Wars in nodes conquered by Guilds/AlliancesCan participate in one Node/Conquest War per day (Except Saturdays)
Forts erected by Guilds/Alliances at conquered nodes are maintained.All forts erected at nodes removed automatically after Saturday midnight (24:00).
If central node is destroyed, all occupied nodes are as well.Central node system removed
※ With the central node system removed, Node War Assembly function has been changed to being located at the fort at which you participated in a Node/Conquest War that day.
    • Changed the maximum number nodes available for guilds/alliances to 3.
    • You will not be able to participate in level 2-4 Conquest Wars if you participate in Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate) conquest wars as usual. (Rules apply vice versa)
    • The rule of Lord’s Guilds/Alliances not being able to participate in Node Wars of the territory they’re occupying remains the same.
    • The rule of the defending team claiming victory remains the same if the Guild/Command Post is not destroyed while a Conquest War is in progress for the duration of 2 hours.
    • The Guild claiming victory can access the Node War shop according to the node’s level as usual.
    • Additionally, the Guild who has won level 2 and higher Node Wars can access the Guild leader’s benefits of Resonant Blackstar weapon and the Resonant Demon’s accessory for a set duration as usual.

* All Node and Conquest War Occupation Information has been reset with the changes to Node War rules.

  • Changed how taxes are obtained during Node Conquest.
Taxes accumulated after conquering a node or occupation a node are obtained 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the start of the next node battle in the same territory, respectively.Acquired as soon as node is conquered.
Percentage Acquired by Node Level
Level 1 Beginner9.6%
Level 1 Intermediate14.4%
Level 220%
Level 324%
Level 432%

* Node Tax Info has been reset with the changes to tax collection rules.
– Please note that there will be a reduction in accumulated taxes for Nodes that are conquered after the January 4th (Wed) maintenance.

  • Changes to the following node locations are as follows:            
    • Expanded the areas of each Node so more Guilds/Alliances can participate.
      • The number of acquired taxes will be adjusted with the changes.
    • Each Node will not be divded by territory and will be set by Node level.
    • Changed so you can only proceed with Node Wars in one Node territory.
    • Changed the maximum number of participants in a Node War per each node territory.
Level 1 Beginner (4 Total)
Node LocationDayPeople needed
Western Guard CampTuesday20
Northern Plain of SerendiaThursday20
Treant ForestFriday25
Polly’s ForestSunday30
Level 1 Intermediate (5 Total)
Node LocationDayPeople needed
Cron CastleMonday25
Alejandro FarmWednesday25
Abandoned Iron MineThursday30
Desert Naga TempleSunday30
Tooth Fairy ForestFriday35
Level 2 (11 Total)
Node LocationDayPeople needed
Glish RuinsMonday30
Mansha ForestTuesday30
Mirumok RuinsWednesday30
Wolf HillsFriday30
Helms PostMonday40
Saunil CampWednesday40
Castle RuinsFriday40
Ibellab OasisSunday40
Omar Lava CaveTuesday40
Khuruto CaveThursday40
Manshaum ForestSunday40
Level 3 (12 Total)
Node LocationDayPeople needed
Roud Sulfur MineMonday40
Canyon of CorruptionThursday40
North Abandoned QuarryFriday40
Quint HillMonday55
Valencia Castle SiteTuesday55
Ancado CoastWednesday55
Bashim BaseThursday55
Elder’s BridgeSunday55
Navarn SteppeTuesday70
Orc CampWednesday70
Hexe SanctuarySunday70
Sausan GarrisonSunday70
Level 4 (8 Total)
Node LocationDayPeople needed
Ivory WastelandMonday50
Hasrah CliffFriday50
Basilisk DenTuesday75
Pilgrim’s Sanctum: ObedienceThursday75
Gyfin Rhasia TempleSunday75
Calpheon Castle SiteWednesday100
Bloody MonasterySunday100
Ash ForestSunday100
  • The number of Node/Conquest Wars for each day.
DayNumber of Node/Conquest Wars
  • The days in which each level of Node/Conquest Wars will take place.
Node War LevelDays to Partipate
Level 1 BeginnerMon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Level 1 IntermediateSun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Level 2Every day except for Saturdays when Node/Conquest Wars are in progress
Level 3
Level 4
Although expanding the maximum number of nodes was an option, please understand we have decided to start with  the current main node locations for preseason and will introduce more little by little as the situation calls for it. 

With each node becoming more significant, we have added Stats Restriction for level 2 and 3 nodes as we did for level 1. For level 2, total stats as they appear within My Stats cap AP at 532, while Damage Reduction and Evasion are capped at 328 and 870 respectively. At level 3, AP is capped at 585, while Damage Reduction and Evasion are capped at 364 and 922 respectively. You can reach a total AP and DP of up to approximately 620 and 680 as shown in the Equipment window. (This is based on the levels of total stats in the My Stats window and can be easily reached through additional buff effects through food or elixir items.)

There are significant pros and cons to stats restrictions. However, after analyzing the progression of current Adventurers, we came to the conclusion that restrictions were required in order for Node Wars to run smoothly. Please note that we will keep an eye on these restrictions and adapt them as the situation changes.

  •  Each Node Level has been changed to have the following stat restrictions.
Stat Restrictions by Node Level
Node LevelLevel 1 BeginnerLevel 1 IntermediateLevel 2Level 3Level 4
Damage Reduction223286328364
Damage Reduction Rate7%14%21%None
Accuracy Rate15%15%20%None
Evasion Rate15%15%20%None
Special Evasion0%0%20%None

* In level 1 (Beginner and Intermediate), max HP 5,000 and max HP -500 every 20 minutes remains the same as usual.

We’ve added a new system to deal with “sniping.” From now on, Each Guild/Alliance is given 1 opportunity a week to participate in Node Wars. This opportunity is used upon participation, but it will be refunded if the minimum criteria is met so that guilds that have participated in a Node War can continue to do so the next day.

  •  Participation System for Node Wars has been added.
    • In order to participate in Node Wars, you need participation opportunities. When all participation opportunities are consumed, you cannot participate in Node Wars since constructing forts will be unavailable.
    • Each Guild/Alliance is given 1 opportunity a week to participate.
    • Participation opportunities are reset every Saturday at midnight.
    • If you meet the minimum criteria of the participating Node War, Participation opportunities will be refunded and you can continue to participate in Node Wars the next day.
      * The minimum criteria for Participation opportunities are as follows: 
      • If an enemy fort is destroyed, or the number of kills/deaths is greater than 20
  • Adventurers, who participated in Node War, can now earn Resplendent Medals of Honor regardless of whether they win, liberate, or lose.
Node LevelNumber of Resplendent Medal of Honor Obtained
Level 1121212
Level 2161616
Level 3202020
Level 4242424

* However, Adventurers, whose performance sits at the top 5%, will still receive 5 additional Resplendent Medals of Honor.

* Due to the changes made to the method of collecting taxes, if you were unable to collect taxes from the occupied nodes before the scheduled maintenance on January 4 (Wed), the taxes from that node will be sent to you during the scheduled maintenance on January 11 (Wed).            

Crystal Presets

We’ve revamped the system of transfusing crystals. Crystals are no longer transfused onto gear but through a designated UI. Although it may take some time to get adjusted to, the system was implemented with convenience in mind, so we kindly ask for your patience. And although the overall UI design has changed, the system itself is not much different from the previous system. 12 basic slots are provided for Adventurers to freely transfuse the crystal of their choice. Lastly, two extra slots that are unlocked upon equipping items upgraded by the Heart of Karanda and Garmoth’s Heart and one extra slot from socketing your outfit will be available as usual.

  •  Added a crystal preset system that allows you to activate crystal effects through a separate UI instead of transfusing them individually onto gear.

Registering Crystals for Presets

1) Summon the Black Spirit (,) and press the Transfusion [2] button.
2) Press the “View Crystals” button  at the bottom right of the Transfusion UI.
3) RMB the crystals from your inventory to register them.

Tranfusing/Applying Crystals via Presets

1) Summon the Black Spirit (,) and press the Transfusion [2] button.
2) RMB on a [+] slot and transfuse by selecting a registered crystal.
※ There are no limits based on gear slots as crystals can now be equipped in any slot except for certain specific slots.
3) Apply a crystal preset by pressing the “Apply” button located at the bottom of the UI.

Extracting/Removing (Destroying) Crystals

Removing (Destroying) Crystals     
1) Summon the Black Spirit (,) and press Transfusion [2].
2) Press the “View Crystals” button at the bottom right of the Transfusion UI  at the bottom right of the Crystal Inventory UI
3) Click on the trash bin icon to remove. (Crystals will be destroyed upon removal.) 

Extracting (Intact) Crystals   
1) Interact with a Blacksmith and click on the Extraction [4] menu.
2) Press the Extract Crystal button and open the “Owned Crystals” (Crystal Inventory) UI.
3) Select either the Crystal Extraction Tool or Black Spirit Essence and RMB the crystal you want to extract.

Registering Crystals (image)

Transfusing Crystals via Presets (image)

Removing (Destroying) Crystals (image)


Crystals will be destroyed if removed through this method.            
You can go to a Blacksmith and use the Crystal Extraction Tool or Black Spirit Essence to extract the crystals intact.       

 Extracting Crystals (image)

With the changes to transfusing crystals, we’ve removed the restrictions that once applied to each gear slot. You can now transfuse crystals into any empty slot you prefer, so setting them up has become more efficient than before. 

However, some restrictions have been applied when considering balance. No more than two (four for Combined Magic) crystals of the same group can be equipped. Crystals that share similar stats have been grouped together and are set with a maximum number that can be transfused. Details on the restriction are as follows.

  •  With the aforementioned changes to transfusing crystals, a max limit has been set for certain crystal groups.

Lastly, a designated crystal inventory and crystal presets have been added. To transfuse crystals, you must add all owned crystals into the crystal inventory. The maximum number of crystals that can be stored is 50. However, in order to remove crystals intact into your regular inventory, a Crystal Extraction Tool is required.

Crystals in the crystal inventory can now be set however you like through presets. The crystal inventory and crystal presets are applied to the entire Family so all characters can utilize the function freely.

  • View Crystal Effects to see the effects of crystals that have been currently applied from the Transfusion UI.
  • Changed the following with the addition of the crystal presets function:
    • Removed the gear icon that was displayed on the crystal item icon.
      • E.g.)     → 
    • Changed the crystal description to fit the crystal preset feature.

Additional information on Crystal Presets

1. You can rename the crystal preset through a button in the Transfusion UI. 
2. You can extract crystals by obtaining a Crystal Extraction Tool from a Blacksmith NPC or through using the Black Spirit Essence.
– If you wish to remove crystals in the Owned Crystals UI by pressing RMB, those crystals will be destroyed.
3. You can register up to 50 crystals and set up to 5 presets.
Additional methods of usage will be added soon.
4. The top left and right slots will unlock upon reforming awakening weapons.
– Crystal slots can be unlocked through Heart of Karanda or Garmoth’s Heart.
* The slot will become locked if you equip an item that has not been reformed if you try to use the preset.
5. The socket in the middle of the Transfusion UI will become available if you equip an outfit that has a socket that was created using the Black Spirit’s Claw.
 – You can only equip Ancient Spirit’s Crystal in this slot.    
6. If the crystal shatters upon death while it is equipped in the crystal preset, that crystal in your inventory will also shatter as well.
– In this case, you will be unable to use the shattered crystal in your crystal preset.
(However, the Ancient Spirit’s Crystal will not be shattered like the same as before.)
7. The rules that determine the number of crystals that shatter is the same as previous before if you die from a monster or player depending on your karma.
– The rules of enhancement level drop upon death based on Karma is the same as before prior to the update.

* Due to the crystal preset update, the crystals that were equipped in the gear prior to the January 4 (Wed) update was moved to the following.           
Crystal transfused onto gear → Moved to the Central Market inventory.
Crystal that is currently transfused to a character whose items is waiting to be copied from → Moved to the Central Market inventory or to Heidel storage if it could not be traded
Crystal that is currently transfused to a tagged character that is set for item copy → Moved to Heidel storage since it can no longer be traded

If you have exceeded 192 slots in your storage in Heidel, you can remove an item from the storage to make space and the stored item will be available in the storage.

* After the crystal preset update, you can now sell Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Viper/Swiftness/Valor for 400 million Silver.

  • Changed the following in the Courser Training (Dream Horse Awakening) UI.
    • Changed the pop up that appears if you attempt to awaken a Dream Horse without using Cron Stones.
    • The setting to turn On/Off Cron Stones will now remain in effect.
    • Changed the mouse button from LMB to RMB when excluding materials for courser training again.
  • Improved the mount icon tooltip to display the following information. In addition, the flute item that is applied will now appear in the tooltip as well.
    • Call mount range
    • Current distance away from your mount
  • Removed level from Biraghi Den monster zone icon in World Map (M).
  • Changed so standard numbers are applied when invalid numbers are being applied while reading an invalid customization file.
  • Improved feature in the web storage to allow you to send items to your character from your web storage again if it fails.
  • Improved so you are directed to the error page if an error occurs while logging in through the STEAM launcher.
  • Improved the Account menu UI for the mobile setting.
  • Improved so that a notification directing you to go to the Steam Launcher is displayed when starting the game on the official website with a Steam account.
  • Improved so that the page moves when moving from the forum to another user’s community activity or profile.
  • Improved the accessibility of the login menu at the top of the official website.
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where you were unable to use Heilang: Whiplash while riding Heilang if you were below Lv. 35.
  • [Musa] Fixed the issue where the Prime: Fiery Angel’s attack effect in the skill video was different from the actual skill.
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where there was no audio in the Alert Stance skill video.
  • [Wizard, Witch] Fixed the issue where Mana Absorption command keys were different from the skill guide.
  • [Sage, Hashashin] Fixed the issue where the character’s facial expression did not change when you pressed Talk (Enter).
  • [Sage] Fixed the issue where the Kyve displayed unnaturally when using the social interactions Proudly, Confident, and Fighting Spirit.
  • [Corsair] Fixed the issue where the effect color of your serenaca appeared unnaturally when equipping the PEN (V) Blackstar Serenaca.
  • Fixed the issue where some monsters were marked as humans in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.
  • Fixed the issue where the terrain looked unnatural in certain locations of Calpheon Castle Site.
  • Fixed the issue where you could climb on the ceiling inside buildings in certain location in Calpheon.
  • Fixed the issue where the wallpaper installed in the manor would not appear in certain situations.
    • For those who had additional wallpaper installed after the above has occured, the related item will be resent to you through the Jan 11, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
    • For those who want a refund on the wallpaper item, please contact Support before the Jan 11, 2023 (Wed) maintenance.
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of your character appearance overlapped with the background if you leaned against something inside Blue Maned Lion’s Manor in certain locations.
  • Fixed the issue where the cutscene that plays during “[Balenos] [Boss] Giath, King of the Goblins” was displayed to other nearby Adventurers.
  • Removed the information about the Main Node in the system message that is displayed when remotely constructing a fort for Node War.
  • Fixed the issue where occasionally the game did not launch if you log in during certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where character movement looked unnatural when moving in the following certain locations.
    • Oquilla’s Eye
    • Dormann Lumber Camp
  • Fixed the dialog for the following NPCs to read more naturally.
    • Dialog that appears when exchanging Fairy’s Breath with Dalishain
    • When talking with a certain NPC located at Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Obedience
  • Fixed the following events that occur during the tutorial.
    • Fixed the issue where the location of your character looked unnatural in certain situations.
    • Fixed the issue where certain parts of the outfit on the Sage character appeared unnatural.
    • Fixed the issue where certain parts of Illezra’s appearance appeared unnatural.
  • [Woosa] Fixed the issue where exclusive effects did not display when equipping the Santa Hat, Hair Ornament, and Jack-O’-Lantern Mask.
  • [Woosa] Fixed the issue where attempting to dye through the Dye (J) menu made the camera positioning abnormal in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where, when you tried processing from the Storage, the effects of items in your Storage remained in effect when hovering your mouse over it.

    Many Adventurers gave us feedback that they sometimes couldn’t interact with the residence door. Thanks to our Adventurers’ reports, we have fixed it. Thank you very much, Adventurers.

  • Fixed the issue where occasionally you could not interact with your residence’s door.
  • Fixed the issue where the enhancement level of Godr-Ayed Swallowtail Fan and Godr-Ayed Do Stave was displayed in numbers in the Central Market when viewed via Black Desert+ app.
  • Fixed the issue where the audio settings that you saved from the log in screen did not save and reset when playing through the tutorial.
  • Fixed the issue of the 5th reward not displaying upon logging in the first when Login Reward list displays more than 5 for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the following Arena of Solare crystal descriptions displaying different from the effect orders:
    • Time Spirit’s Crystal – Plunder, Pilgrim’s Crystal: Ascetic
  • Fixed the issue of a skill that can be obtained via [Secret Book] Guild Tactics not being applied in certain situations.
  • Added a button where you can check All Guild Rankings in Guild Recruitment UI (G) when you are not in a guild.
  • Fixed the issue where Adventurers could relocate to an abnormal location from the Barhan Gateway arena of Arena of Solare.

Source:Black Desert Online

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