Immigrant aid groups said Sunday that more than 100 migrants were dropped off near the home of US Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington over the Christmas weekend when the White House criticized Texas for sending migrants.

An estimated 110-130 migrant asylum seekers in the United States, many of whom were families with children, were placed on buses by Texas authorities, said Tatiana Laborde, managing director of SAMU First Response, an aid agency working with the city of Washington. COLUMBIA REGION

By phone, she said aid teams were briefed on their journey and were waiting for them to arrive late Saturday night to distribute blankets and then take them to a church in the Capitol Hill area.

Aides to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott were unable to comment on whether the state coordinated their transportation.

The Republican governor, a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, and several other Republican governors have been transporting migrants to Democratic-controlled cities in the northern United States.

Texas sent thousands of migrants to Washington, New York and Chicago in what some critics called a stunt amid a nationwide debate over the large number of immigrants arriving along the US’s southern border.

Laborde said nine buses of migrants landed in Washington last week.

“Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of people from Ecuador and Colombia,” Laborde said. She added that many Venezuelans used to come by bus.

Many of the newcomers are now trying to move to New York or New Jersey, where they have relatives or other community support, Laborde said.

White House criticizes Texas

Meanwhile, the White House on Monday accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of endangering lives after buses full of migrants were loaded on a cold Christmas Eve.

Republican Abbott, a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, did not acknowledge the fall on Christmas Eve and his office did not take responsibility.

“Governor Abbott abandoned children by the side of the road in sub-zero temperatures on Christmas Eve without the approval of any federal or local government,” White House spokesman Abdullah Hassan said in a statement.

“Political games do nothing, but only endanger people’s lives,” Hasan added.

Hassan said the Biden administration is ready to work with Democrats and Republicans to resolve the migrant problem.

Amy Fisher, an organizer of the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, told NPR that the migrants were immediately transferred to city-provided buses in Washington and directed to a church that was handing out hot food and clothes.

Claudia Tristan, a co-organizer of the same group, told Reuters on Monday that almost all of the migrants dumped near the vice president’s house were already on their way to visit relatives and friends in the United States.

In a Dec. 20 letter to Biden, Abbott said the state was overwhelmed with thousands of men, women and children entering Texas every day, risking freezing to death on city streets.

Hidalgo County, Texas Judge Richard Cortez told CNN on Monday that communities in Texas like his were overwhelmed by the number of immigrants and couldn’t accommodate them all.

“Getting immigrants out of this area helps us to some extent … but it’s not a solution,” said Cortez, whose county borders Mexico.

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