Sophie Hildebrand, head of the technology sector at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ADNOC, said in an interview with Al Arabiya’s The Future of Energy that clean technologies have the potential to bring energy sustainability and security at the same time.

She explained that ADNOC is committed to energy security and is working to reduce the carbon footprint of every unit of energy we produce, saying: “We have committed to invest $15 billion in new initiatives to reduce our emissions, in initiatives to electrify our operations, in renewable sources. energy and in hydrogen.

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She added that Masdar has an ambitious goal of reaching 100 gigawatts of renewable electricity generation capacity in addition to one million tons of green hydrogen, and we will achieve all these goals using the technologies available today.

She mentioned that the opportunities that can accelerate the deployment of these technologies and their use in various applications are related to partnerships, the availability of funding and transparency, adding: “We need public policies to support us in accelerating the adoption of technologies, and if we are open to cooperation with each other as partners, then these partnerships are indeed capable of rapidly deploying the technologies needed to reduce emissions at scale.”

And she continued, “We need to scale up several technologies like hydrogen, and we need to speed up the production of water electrolysis machines. We need green hydrogen, renewable energy and the decarbonization of our current energy system.”

She pointed out that ADNOC is investing in reducing emissions from its operations and the most notable of these initiatives is an investment of around US$3.8 billion to electrify our offshore facilities and this will reduce the carbon intensity of our offshore operations by around 50%. , in addition to the value of a committed $15 billion technology investment over the coming years to reduce emissions, electrify processes, and invest in renewables and hydrogen.

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