Netflix’s Castlevania: Nocturne – A New Spin-Off Series

In 2017, Netflix delivered the hit animated series Castlevania, which received high praise for its impressive production quality and successful video game adaptation. Today, the anime has four seasons and has recently added a spin-off set to release on September 28th!

The spin-off takes place in a later time period compared to the original series. Trevor Belmont is replaced by his descendant Richter Belmont, and the story unfolds during the French Revolution in 1791. Our protagonist, a vampire hunter like his ancestors, joins forces with a group of fellow fighters to prevent the apocalypse. The trailer showcases stunningly animated scenes, epic summonings, and bloody battles. The protagonist’s tortured demeanor suggests that we can anticipate deep character development in the new series.

A Change in the Cast

While the executive producer, Kevin Kolde, remains the same, the showrunner has been replaced. Adi Shankar, the previous showrunner, was involved in a sexual harassment case within the production, which led to his departure. The writer of the first season, Warren Ellis, was the first to be accused. Although Adi Shankar remained on board for the four seasons of the original series, he will not be involved in Castlevania: Nocturne. We do not have any details about his replacement. However, we do know that the new writer for the spin-off will be Clive Braldey, an acclaimed author known for his award-winning series, Trapped.

The Fan-Favorite Castlevania Game Adaptation

Castlevania: Nocturne is an adaptation of the beloved game Symphony of The Night for the PlayStation 1. Considered by many fans to be the best game in the entire series, players initially assume the role of Richter but mainly control Alucard throughout the adventure. Alucard’s goal is to defeat his father, Dracula, once and for all. Therefore, we can expect the return of Dracula’s son, who was already present in the first adaptation of the series.

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