Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, recently announced the release of over 10 new AI-based applications. This comes shortly after the launch of their Ernie bot, a chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is now available to the public. One of the notable new products unveiled is WPS AI, a word processing app integrated with generative AI. Created by Kingsoft Office, this tool utilizes the same AI model as Baidu’s Ernie bot and their “Qianfan” cloud platform for AI models.

According to Baidu, their Qianfan cloud platform is actively used by nearly 10,000 businesses each month. Additionally, Baidu revealed that more than 6 million users have utilized an AI-powered tool within their cloud product, similar to Google Drive. This AI assistant can perform tasks such as document search, text summarization, translation, and content creation.

During the announcement event, Baidu also showcased generative AI-based products designed to assist with traffic management, financial research, and coal mine logistics. However, it is unclear to what extent these products are available for public use.

Baidu initially introduced the Ernie bot in March, but access was limited to business partners and individuals who joined a waitlist. The recent public release of the Ernie bot signifies government approval of this AI-powered chatbot. Other Chinese companies have also unveiled similar AI products around the same time.

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