As the game prepares to release a sequel in 2023, Cities: Skylines outlines its final DLC and feature packs for this year.

Cities Skylines Releases Its Last Piece of Downloadable Content and Future Update Plans_

Colossal Order, the company behind Cities: Skylines, has unveiled the game’s final content packs, mini-expansions, and free updates. Even though a sequel is imminent, Cities: Skylines continues to receive a surprising amount of new content, including a tonne of brand-new structures, hours of music, and many CCPs created by the game’s enthusiastic fan base.

Virtual urban designers now consider Cities: Skylines the best city-building game, deposing the SimCity series in the wake of SimCity 2013’s infamous failure. The game has published numerous expansions, mini-expansions, content packs, and DLC throughout its eight-year lifespan, strengthening its solid foundations with significant and little enhancements. Cities: Skylines boasts over $250 worth of DLC that can be purchased, but the main game and the free upgrades it received along the road still give a tonne of material, and its Steam Workshop connection is unmatched.

It’s astonishing that Cities: Skylines 1 still has a lot in store before the major release, especially given the recent announcement of Cities: Skylines 2. A set of “World Tour” DLC has been unveiled by Colossal Order and will be made available at various points during the year. The community-made packs that bring new assets by the themes of sports venues, shopping malls, and Africa In Miniature will be released first on March 22. At the same time as the arrival of Pop-Punk Radio, 80s Movie Tunes, and JADIA, a new radio station DLC will also be available (Just Another Day In Africa).

Further Cities: Skylines DLC in the shape of Railroads of Japan, a content creation pack including Japanese railroads and related components, will be released in May. In addition, new growable buildings from various locations will be included in the Industrial Evolution content creation pack in May, which should bring a tonne of aesthetic variety without requiring players to put everything manually. Architectural motifs based on the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods are also included in the Brooklyn & Queens content creation pack. Finally, new radio stations will debut in May, including Piano Tunes and 90s Pop Radio.

One more preview of what’s to come, an unidentified mini-expansion that relates to content with a holiday theme, concludes the teaser video. Even though most of the year’s remaining DLC is decorative or musical, this one is fascinating because visitors and vacationers affect the player’s economy and transportation. It might be difficult for Cities: Skylines 2’s features to compete with a game that has undergone over ten years of iteration, given the amount of post-release content currently available for the original.

Cities: Skylines is accessible on the Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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