Clorox Warns of Financial Impact from Cyberattack


Clorox, a renowned producer of household products like bleach and Pine-Sol, has issued a warning about the significant financial consequences resulting from an ongoing production disruption caused by a cyberattack. This attack, which took place last month, has severely impacted the company’s operations and its ability to estimate when full operations can resume.

Financial Impact and Product Outages

Due to the cybersecurity breach, Clorox anticipates negative impacts on its fiscal first quarter results. The breach has caused product outages and delays, affecting the availability of Clorox’s products in stores. However, the company assures that it is working towards resolving the issue and expects to gradually restore its systems starting next week.

Containment of the Threat

Clorox believes that the cybersecurity threat is contained, although the extent of the damage caused by the attack is still being assessed. The company has taken immediate action by shutting down affected systems and involving law enforcement authorities.

Long-lasting Disruption

Despite efforts to repair and restore systems, the cyberattack continues to cause widescale disruption to Clorox’s operations even a month after the incident. Many procedures have had to be carried out manually, leading to a reduction in order processing and fewer products reaching store shelves.

Similar Cybersecurity Challenges

Clorox is not the only company facing cybersecurity challenges. Las Vegas casino companies MGM and Caesars are also grappling with their own cyberattacks. MGM has also warned about the potential financial impact resulting from the breach.

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