Deutsche Bank to Provide Secure Storage Solutions for Institutional Investors in Crypto

Deutsche Bank will provide secure storage solutions to institutional investors to address crypto investment concerns. This development could impact existing and emerging projects such as Tron (TRX) and (DOMI). is a platform that uses blockchain technology and traditional technical practices to provide services in the decentralized finance (defi) industry. It has gained attention in the cryptocurrency market for its combination of art and finance.

A preview of is also in progress. decentralizes art allows investors to invest in premium works of art through fractional ownership.

To achieve this, artworks are tokenized as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sold on the platform’s NFT marketplace. also has a portal where investors can list their NFT ownership stakes for sale or explore available parts of other artworks. In this way, transparency, liquidity and a fair trading environment are available, especially for segmented premium technical assets.

DOMI is a native ERC-20 token that supports the operations of the ecosystem.

Its symbolic structure includes a deflationary burning mechanism and a redistribution system.

In the ongoing pre-sale, DOMI is available at $0.0021.

Deutsche Bank’s recent move to secure cryptocurrency storage could spur adoption of coins like $DOMI.

TRON promotes decentralization

Tron is a high-throughput smart contract platform that promotes decentralization by giving content creators full ownership of their content.

TRX, Tron’s native currency, is used to facilitate transactions and reward users who actively participate in the network. The coin ensures the seamless functioning of the broader TRON ecosystem across its three core layers: storage, core and application.

Final thoughts

Deutsche Bank’s plan to provide crypto custody services to institutional investors may positively impact TRX and DOMI, a deflationary token.

Learn more about DOMI here:

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