Google Maps has become very common and useful since its launch in 2005. We use this app to track walking routes while driving or walking around places we don’t know very well. Many of us also use it when planning trips to get to know the sights of the area we want to visit.

But Google Maps includes many other features that may not be known to many, such as creating custom maps for your travel itinerary and sharing them with others, using maps without an internet connection, and more, according to Arab Gateway for Tech News.

Here are 5 of the most notable ones:

1- Car parking space saving function

Once you’ve parked your car, open Google Maps on your phone and tap the blue dot representing your current location to open the options menu. Among these options, you will find the “Save Parking” option. Click on it and the application will save your car’s parking space.

And if you need help finding your vehicle later, you can open Google Maps, tap the search bar, and then tap the saved location option to get directions to your vehicle’s location.

And if you can get back to your car without following the directions in the Google Maps app, you can delete that saved location marker by clicking it, selecting “More Info” and then clicking the “Clear” button to delete it.

2- Ability to use Google Maps without internet

If you are planning to travel and may lose your internet connection, you can download a map of the place you want to go and save it to the Google Maps app to use for offline directions. To download and save maps in the app, follow these steps:

Open the Google Maps app on your Android phone or iPhone.
Click on your account image shown in the top right corner.
– Click on the “Offline Maps” option, it will show you all the maps you have previously downloaded, and you will notice the “Choose your own map” option, click on this option and select the map you want to save.
– After selecting the map, click the “Download” button and the map will be saved in the “Offline Maps” section and can be used at any time without the Internet.

3- Measuring distances between locations

If you want to know the distance between two points, Google Maps can help you, as you can easily measure the distance between any two points on the world map. To do this, follow these steps:

If you are using a computer, open the Google Maps website, then find the first location and right-click it.

– Click on the “Measure distance” option.
– Select the second place you want to know, the distance between it and the first place you selected earlier, and the distance between them will appear in front of you.

If you’re using the Google Maps app on your phone, tap a specific point on the map to add a marker to it.

– Click on the marker, then select “Measure Distance” from the menu that appears.
– Select the second place to find out the distance between it and the first place.

This feature helps in trip and travel planning, for example: if you are planning a trip in Rome and you want to hike to several places on the same day, but some people in your group cannot walk long distances, you can use this tool, to see if the distance from your current location to that area is that you and your group can either walk or rely on public transportation to get to that area.

4- Special cards

The next time you’re planning a trip with friends, you can use the Custom Maps feature in Google Maps to make it easier to find the destinations you want to visit and share them with your friends.

This feature allows you to tag different destinations, group tags together, and share your own map of those destinations with others so they can add other destinations to it and view the route. To find this feature, do the following:

Open Google Maps on your computer and click on the three-line menu button in the top left corner.
– Click on the “Your places” option, then click on the “Maps” button that appears in the upper right corner.
– Click on the option (Create Map) Create Map.

5- Live View feature to explore the city with Google Maps.

When you follow walking routes on Google Maps, when you wander around a particular city that you don’t know much about, you can activate the Live View feature, which works with AR augmented reality technology to display information about the places you pass.

You can use this feature to find famous landmarks in that city, shops, cafes and restaurants along the way, as well as information about store opening hours and customer reviews, ATM locations and more.

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