The Highly Anticipated Film “Poor Things” by Yorgos Lanthimos

The year 2023 will usher in many highly anticipated new films helmed by illustrious directors such as Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and Greta Gerwig, to name just a few. This year will also see the release of Poor Things, the upcoming film from Greek filmmaker and auteur Yorgos Lanthimos. The movie is a gothic science fiction romance. Lanthimos is one of the most provocative filmmakers of the past ten years. He built a name for himself with films like the psychologically rich The Killing of the Sacred Deer and the thought-provoking deconstruction of human ties and loneliness in The Lobster. These films have earned him a reputation as one of today’s most challenging directors. However, the historical drama he directed in 2018 called “The Favourite” brought him the greatest widespread accolades and success of his career. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, and Olivia Colman won her first Oscar for her performance in the movie.

The film Poor Things is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Alasdair Gray in 1992. The novel, which won the Costa Book Award and the Guardian Fiction Prize, tells the story of a woman whose identity and memories are unclear. She becomes entangled in a story about a gothic romance that was popular during the Victorian era and has connections to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos are reuniting for this project, as Stone will play the lead role in this twisted period tale. Stone previously appeared alongside Olivia Colman in the film The Favourite. Here is everything we know about Poor Things so far for those of you looking forward to seeing what Lanthimos has in store for us this time.

Poor Things Cast

  • Emma Stone as Bella Baxter

  • Mark Ruffalo as Duncan Wedderburn

  • Ramy Youssef as Max McCandles

  • Willem Dafoe as Dr. Godwin Baxter

  • Vicki Pepperdine as Mrs. Prim

  • Jack Barton as Fop 1

  • Charlie Hiscock as Fop 2

  • Attila Dobai as Hapless Student

  • Emma Hindle as Woman with Kid in London Street

  • Anders Olof Grundberg as Kid in London Street(as Anders Grundberg)

  • Kecskeméthy Attila as Burly Guy

  • Jucimar Barbosa as Lisbon Doorman

  • Carminho as Fado Singing Woman

  • Angela Paula Stander as Arguing Woman

  • Gustavo Gomes as Arguing Man

  • Kate Handford as Kitty

  • Owen Good as Gerald

  • Zen Joshua Poisson as Lisbon Crying Baby

What is the Release Date of Poor Things?

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On September 1st, 2023, during the 80th Venice International Film Festival, the film Poor Things made its global debut for the first time. In addition, screenings of these films are scheduled to take place at the Telluride Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, and the BFI London Film Festival. In the United States, the movie’s premiere is scheduled for December 8th, 2023, and will be presented by Searchlight Pictures. On January 12th, 2024, it will be available in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The date of publication was originally set for September 8th, 2023. Despite this, the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike caused it to be pushed back to its original date of December.

Who is the Director of Poor Things?

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Giorgos “Yorgos” Giannakis. Lanthimos is a well-known name in the film industry, having worked as a director, producer, screenwriter, photographer, theater director, and even as a professional basketball player in his native Greece. Since 2015, Lanthimos has moved away from making Greek films and instead focuses on directing English-language films with larger budgets produced in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. Because of his work, he has been nominated for four Academy Awards: Best International Feature Film for Dogtooth (2009), Best Original Screenplay for The Lobster (2015), Best Director for The Favourite (2018), and Best Picture for The Favourite (2018).

Poor Things | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

What is the Plot of Poor Things?

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The novel Poor Things essentially re-imagines the classic horror narrative of Frankenstein. It chronicles the story of Bella Baxter, a young woman brought back to life by a brilliant mad scientist named Dr. Godwin Baxter after a sad end, but with an infant’s brain implanted in her body. Bella struggles to make sense of who she is and where she fits in the world around her as she attempts, with the help of Dr. Godwin, to regain her footing in society and its norms. However, she can’t help but feel hemmed in and disoriented. She runs away with a shady attorney named Duncan Wedderburn and embarks on an otherworldly adventure together. Bella matures and searches for answers as she travels through the many forms and prejudices that exist during the historical period. She hopes that one day, she will be liberated.

The novel is presented as evidence and writings from various unreliable narrators, all of whom have opposing accounts and perspectives on the events in the plot. One of these unreliable narrators is the author, Alasdair Gray, who presents himself as an editor of the manuscript. Observing how this format is translated into the medium of movies will be fascinating. Through the prism of a morbid sense of humor, the novel explores topics such as identity, socioeconomic inequality, feminism, human relationships, and memory. It does so by blending historical events and a variety of literary genres.

The following is the plot summary provided by Searchlight Pictures:

The remarkable story and imaginative evolution of Bella Baxter (Stone), a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), comes from director Yorgos Lanthimos and producer Emma Stone. Bella Baxter is a young woman brought back to life by Dr. Godwin Baxter. Bella is receptive to new information, while Baxter shields her from harm. Bella, lacking in worldliness, goes away with Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo), a suave and debauched barrister, on a whirlwind voyage across the continents. She does this because she is hungry for worldliness. Bella can finally shake off the prejudices of her era. As a result, she becomes more resolute in her mission to fight for equality and freedom.

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