At its meeting today, Wednesday, the Egyptian Cabinet approved a draft decision to amend certain provisions of Resolution No. 87 of 2022 regarding the rules for implementing the provisions of the Law on Granting Certain Benefits to Egyptians Living Abroad in response to what was raised some Egyptians living abroad who want to import cars and in an attempt to provide more opportunities to achieve their desired goals.

Ambassador Nader Saad, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister, said the Government felt it necessary to take into account a number of concerns raised that some Egyptians living abroad are facing, as the amendments focused on removing the requirement to deposit an amount of at least three months prior to transfer.

It will be sufficient to provide a bank statement of the account from which the amount was transferred, and the requirement for confirmation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the place of residence, bank statement and certificate of vehicle data submitted by an Egyptian living abroad has been waived.

The spokesman added that the amendments provided for the transfer of the amount due in accordance with the category of the car in the tables attached to the decision, which reflects the addition by the customs authority of gradations of categories (high, medium, normal) within each brand.

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