Egypt’s Ministry of Supply has revealed the size of the country’s strategic reserve of important goods, confirming that it is safe and more than 6 months old.

In statements to the Password program, Ibrahim Ashmawi, First Assistant Minister of Supply and head of the Internal Trade Development Agency, confirmed that the strategic reserve of important goods is safe and exceeds 6 months.

Ashmawi explained: “Meat stocks will last 12 months, poultry stocks will last 8 months, wheat stocks will last 5 months, rice stocks will last 6.6 months, sugar stocks will last 3.8 months and oil stocks will last more than 5 months.”

He stated that all the basic and strategic goods available in Egypt would be enough for 6 months.

Ibrahim Ashmawi pointed out that the supply chains are working efficiently and that there are 22 origins of the main commodities, in addition to wheat being traded on the commodity exchange, as there are 40 mills from the private sector on the commodity exchange.

Source: “Sada El Balad”

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