Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli announced that all goods accumulated in the country’s ports will be unloaded in the coming hours, and work is underway on this.

During his visit to the port of Alexandria to follow the process of releasing goods and goods, Madbouli said that all goods in the port will be released in the coming hours.
The Egyptian Prime Minister indicated that he was monitoring the checks of the containers to ensure their safety, the release of goods and the movement of trucks with goods.
The Middle East News Agency quoted Madbouli as saying that the port of Alexandria has witnessed massive development and the addition of berths “unprecedented in its history.”
Madbouli explained that there is a full plan to withdraw all goods from the ports, as it was announced that between December 1 and 23 of this year, goods worth 5 billion dollars were exported, and in the last week of the month from the 24 about $1 billion was sold daily, plus $236 million worth of additional merchandise, which means $6.25 billion worth of merchandise was sold in December alone.

The Prime Minister said: “We, as a country, are committed to announce weekly the volume of goods exported from all ports.”
He emphasized that the priority in the coming period “will be food and production needs that go to the food and pharmaceutical industry, in preparation for the start of the month of Ramadan, and we need all factories to return to their production wheels and to their full capacity. which has been agreed with the federations of chambers and industry.”
He pointed out that with regard to the debt of suppliers, a plan for the sequential repayment of debts from the Central Bank was developed, and that the government “has already begun to implement it, and today the debt is being paid off.”

Source: Middle East News Agency.

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