Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that in 2023 his country will witness “very big leaps corresponding to the new century of the Republic of Turkey.”

Erdogan added in a video message published today, Saturday, on the occasion of the Gregorian New Year: “In 2023, we will witness very big leaps, God willing, that are in line with the new centenary of our republic and our vision for Turkey’s centenary.”

He continued: “We see the democracy and development infrastructure that we have provided to our country over the past twenty years as the foundation and the beginning of these great steps.”

He noted that “Turkey is holding on despite all the attacks it has been subjected to and all the crises that have engulfed the world, and this is thanks to our stubborn struggle and our unique policy that we have pursued in the economic and political field.”

Source: Anatolia

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