European Union foreign ministers are meeting today, Monday, in an attempt to agree on an imposition More fines Russia and Iran and allocate an additional two billion euros ($2.11 billion) for arms supplies to Ukraine.

But it is not yet clear whether Hungary will block some decisions and resort to what diplomats are calling “blackmail diplomacy” over the scandal over the frozen EU funds for Budapest.

They also intend to add up to 2 billion euros to the fund used by member states to fund arms purchases in Kyiv.

“There is an agreement in principle, but there is also a big unresolved problem,” a senior EU diplomat told reporters, referring to Budapest’s veto. “It’s a kind of blackmail diplomacy that we don’t like to see, but that’s what it is,” he said.

Foreign ministers will discuss the ninth round of sanctions against Russia, according to which about 200 more individuals and legal entities will be included in the EU sanctions list.

Ministers should also consider new sanctions imposed on the Iranian people and institutions for human rights violations in Tehran’s crackdown on protesters and the supply of drones to Russia.

New Zealand imposed sanctions on 22 Iranian officials, including commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and National Security.

New Zealand’s sanctions against Iranian officials also extended to the chief of the vice police.

On Saturday, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced that the government would impose sanctions on individuals and entities in Iran in response to “gross” human rights violations.

Wong said in a statement that Australia would impose sanctions on 13 individuals and two entities, including Iran’s vice police, the Basij and 6 Iranians, who were involved in the crackdown on protests that erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini (22) during her detention in the past year. September, according to Reuters.

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