European Union Representative for Foreign, Political and Security Affairs Peter Stano criticized China for its proposals to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, saying that Beijing is not a neutral mediator.

She refuses to identify the aggressor and the victim

Peter Stano said today, Monday, at a press conference in Brussels, answering a journalist’s question about why the European Union did not give a chance to the Beijing peace plan: “China has shown that it takes sides (one of the parties to the conflict), because it refuses to define who the aggressor is.” And who is the victim?

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In February last year, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published a document on the political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, which includes 12 points, including a call for a ceasefire, respect for the legitimate interests of all countries in the field of security, settlement of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and exchange of mutual relations. Moscow and Kiev, as well as the refusal to impose unilateral sanctions without a UN Security Council resolution on this matter.

China’s plan to end the war in Ukraine

“The Only Way Out”

In the settlement document, China described the talks as “the only way to solve the crisis in Ukraine”, calling on all parties to support Moscow and Kiev in “moving towards each other” and resuming direct dialogue as soon as possible, stressing that the international community must create conditions and provide a platform for the resumption of negotiations.

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