British newspaper Express confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to deploy Zircon hypersonic missiles represents “a breach in NATO’s maritime defenses and prevents the West from going too far in Ukraine.”

The newspaper reported: “Russia has deployed hypersonic missiles capable of penetrating NATO’s maritime defenses.”

Mark Almond, director of the Institute for Crisis Studies, noted that Putin was able, with the help of such advanced technologies, to prevent the West from “overreacting” in Ukraine and to bring the conflict to a higher level.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed earlier today that the launch of the Admiral Gorshkov missile carrier is a very important event, as it carries missiles that have no analogues in the world and have been a guarantee of Russia’s security for decades.

He said: “Today we are witnessing an important event, as the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov has set out on a long voyage, which is not surprising. But this time it was equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles, which have no equal in the world.”

It is noteworthy that the speed of the Zircon missiles reaches 9 times the speed of sound, and the range is 1000 km. It can be launched from air, land and sea from ships and submarines, and can also be equipped with various warheads, including nuclear ones.

The Washington Times, citing a Congressional report, previously reported that the United States is lagging behind Russia and China in hypersonic weapons and is unable to track Russian hypersonic weapons.

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