Model and former Miss Croatia Ivana Nol, “World Cup’s sexiest cheerleader,” soared in popularity when she was in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Ivana Knoll draws attention with her skimpy clothes when she is in different places in Qatar such as beaches, restaurants, hotels and stadiums supporting Croatia in the World Cup.

Ivana Knoll celebrated reaching 3 million posts today. A photo And videos through the “History” section on her page in the Instagram application, indicating that the number of her subscribers is very close to the population of her country, which is about 4 million 100 thousand people.

The former Miss Croatia’s Instagram account had grown to over three million, or over two million 300,000 followers, even before she arrived in Qatar.

Ivana Knoll sets social media platforms on fire with her skimpy clothing in Qatar and deliberately appears on them, despite the Qatari authorities’ warning of such things to foreign fans and their requirement to respect the laws and customs of Qatari society.

The 30-year-old Croatian model, who has been called the “World Cup’s hottest fan,” caught the attention of men during Croatia’s match against Morocco, where she appeared in a sexy outfit.

After that, the Croatian posted on her Instagram page after the match a photo of two Qatari men contemplating and taking pictures and commented: “One million followers, thank you very much for your support. I love you all!”

After mocking the young Qataris who appeared staring at her in the stands and surreptitiously photographing her, Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani broke his silence and commented on the matter in a ‘tweet’ to him via his Twitter account, defending these young people: “It’s normal for conservative society.” What we are seeing attracts attention.. but exaggeration and drawing stories on these young people is unacceptable.. As possessors of human feelings, they have feelings, and they have families and homes, and if any of us were if we were them, we would equalize them… because this is a strange scene in a conservative society, so fear God in yourself and in the feelings of others and the cohesion of their homes.

And before her appearance with that instinctive look in the stands of Croatia’s match against Morocco, Miss Croatia posted photos and videos of her in a nude swimsuit on a beach in Qatar through her accounts on communication sites, and she continues to post more.

It is noteworthy that the Croatian national team will play their Moroccan counterpart in the match for third place next Saturday at the Khalifa International Stadium in the capital Doha.

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