Former US President Donald Trump praises Putin’s assessment of his intentions in resolving the Ukrainian crisis

Former US President Donald Trump has commended Russian President Vladimir Putin for recognizing his efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. Trump stated in an interview with NBC News that he appreciates Putin’s acknowledgement as it indicates that he is advocating for the right actions.

Trump’s Plans for Resolving the Ukrainian Conflict

While Trump did not disclose specific details about his proposed resolution within 24 hours as the US president, he asserted that he knows exactly what needs to be done. He emphasized his commitment to initiating a negotiation process between Moscow and Kiev to reach an agreement.

Putin’s Positive Assessment of Trump’s Readiness

During the Eastern Economic Forum held on September 12, Putin positively evaluated Trump’s willingness to swiftly address urgent issues, including the Ukrainian crisis. Putin expressed satisfaction with Trump’s stance while expressing skepticism about the impact of the US elections on US-Russian relations.

Readiness for Negotiations and Current State of the Ukrainian Crisis

Russia has continuously expressed its readiness for negotiations, but the Kiev authorities have legally prohibited such discussions. The Kremlin has also emphasized that the current situation in Ukraine does not show any signs of transitioning towards a peaceful resolution. Moscow remains focused on achieving the objectives of the Special Operation.

In June, Putin confirmed that Russia has never declined participation in discussions aimed at resolving the Ukrainian crisis.

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