The head of the French Restitution party, Eric Zemour, said that France, refusing Russian gas and buying expensive American liquefied gas, puts its industrial institutions in a difficult position.

“The problem is that we are destroying what is left of our industry, and the remaining companies are currently thinking about moving to another country, mainly the US, where energy is much cheaper,” Zemmur told BFM TV on Sunday. Companies that consume a lot of electricity and gas.

In this regard, Zemmour criticized the position of the authorities for refusing Russian gas due to the Ukrainian crisis. Refuting the words of the lieutenant colonel that Russia has stopped deliveries to Europe. “No, we boycotted them ourselves. We said that we no longer need Russian gas. After that, we were told that Russia would not sell us any more.”

A French politician asked: “What is liquefied natural gas? This is the same shale gas that environmentalists prevented us from extracting in France and Europe, and now we buy it in the US for four times what the Americans receive for their projects. “

At the same time, the leader of the right-wing party spoke about the terrible situation in the energy sector in France, noting that the country has turned from an energy exporter into an energy importer, buying electricity from Germany.

He criticized the authorities for their swinging stance on nuclear power, as “in 2020 they decided to shut down the Fessenheim nuclear power plant and then committed themselves to investing again in the development of the sector.” He also pointed to the unfairness of linking electricity prices to gas prices in line with energy market rules in the European Union.

According to him, “because of this principle, EDF Energy could not sell electricity produced in nuclear power plants at competitive prices below market prices.”

He concluded that “if I were in charge, I would get out of the European energy system.”

Commenting on the possibility of a power outage in the country in the event of insufficient power generation and extreme cold, he said that this is “an additional sign of France’s transformation into a third world country” over the past 20 years.

Source: TASS

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