German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock said they found some signs that Putin wants to end the war in Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Analina Burbock said on Wednesday that the European Union had done everything it could to stop the war in Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin had nothing on his mind but destroying the neighboring country.

“Putin’s position is why it is so important to keep sending weapons so that Ukraine can defend itself and protect the lives of its people,” she added during a conference in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

Quick truce

Beerbock told German weekly Bild am Sonntag last week that she had no hope of a quick truce in Ukraine, adding: “No one but Russian President Vladimir Putin has started this war, and if Putin wants the war to end tomorrow.”

The German minister added that the Russian president should only order the withdrawal of soldiers, but pointed out that there were no sincere signs that this was happening.

Burbock opposed a truce on Russia’s terms, explaining that such a move would not end “the horror of the citizens of Ukraine, but the opposite would happen.”

The German Foreign Minister also said that the situation for Ukrainians in areas captured by Russian troops was worse: “Not only do they have no electricity and heat, but international aid does not reach there. Citizens live in fear every day,” she said. .

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