Support for Expansion of G-7 Group


Christoph Heusgen, head of the Munich Security Conference, expressed support for the expansion of the Group of Seven (G-7) major industrialized countries to keep the forum relevant.

Expanding the G-7 Group

Heusgen believes it is important for the G-7 group to expand its membership. He stated that the group consists of countries that share common values and are democratic with market economies. However, he also acknowledged that the economic weight of these countries is declining, making expansion logical.

Possible New Members

The current G-7 members include Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, the US, and the UK. Heusgen suggested that countries such as South Korea and Australia could join to increase the influence of the format.

Munich Security Conference

Heusgen chairs the Munich Security Conference, an annual event held in Bavaria that brings together world leaders, top defense officials, and foreign policy officials.

G-20 Summit

The leaders of the G-20, a broader group consisting of the world’s largest economies, will meet in New Delhi, India this weekend.

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