The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms said Sunday it has documented more than 127,000 violations committed by Houthi militias against Yemeni civilians since the September 2014 coup, including more than 14 killings.

In a report published on the occasion of International Human Rights Day (December 10), the Network stated that its field team documented (127,260) incidents of civilian rights violations involving Houthi militias between December 21, 2014 and June. 30, 2022.

She added that the militias killed 14,557 civilians, including (3,618) children, including (412) babies, and (1,974) women, according to the monitoring and documentation mechanism implemented by the network field team during the visits of the civilian team. persons.

Houthi militias also injured 33,438 civilians, including 5,875 women and 4,334 children.

According to the report, 3,673 civilians, including 647 children and 462 women, were killed by Houthi anti-personnel mines during the eight years of the coup, and 3,135 civilians were injured, including 741 children and 362 women. About 798 male and female citizens became disabled, including 397 children.

The report said that the Houthi militia arrested and abducted about 16,804 civilians, and 4,201 abducted civilians are still in its prisons, whose information and data have been verified, including 389 politicians, 340 media workers, 176 children and 374 women. .

The report confirms that 1,317 citizens have been forcibly disappeared so far, including 84 women and 76 children. of which 463 detainees were taken as human shields.

The report states that 671 prisoners were killed in Houthi prisons due to liquidation, neglect and heart attacks after being denied access to crisis treatment, kidney failure and torture paralysis, including 98 prisoners who were injected with poison and died . days after their release.

In terms of violations affecting public facilities, the network’s field team tracked 8,475 violations over eight years, including 935 cases of damage and closure of service and health facilities, and 1,279 cases of looting and seizure of government facilities.

Also documented are about 4,018 cases of bombing and shelling of government buildings, 60 cases of damage to archaeological sites, 3,370 cases of violation of places of worship, 62 cases of mining and undermining places of worship, 132 cases of blowing up public bridges. , and 1,433 government car thefts.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms has made the international community and the UN Security Council responsible for protecting Yemenis from terrorism practiced by the Houthi militia. And he demanded that the Houthis group be quickly listed as terrorists.

He also called on the international community and the UN Security Council to isolate this group and bring it under UN and Security Council resolutions, human rights treaties and charters and international humanitarian law.

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