The WhatsApp instant messaging service opened in 2023 with the launch of a long-awaited feature that allows users to bypass blocking and monitoring.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, wrote on his blog: “Happy New Year to everyone who uses WhatsApp! We understand that just as we celebrated the start of 2023 through text messages or personal calls, there are still many people who still have been deprived of the opportunity to contact their loved ones due to the blackout of the Internet.


To help them, the company announced on Thursday support for a “proxy agent” for WhatsApp users around the world to allow users to retain access to the app in the event of a blocked or disconnected connection. Arabic technical news portal.

She also explained that choosing to connect through a proxy server allows users to connect to WhatsApp through servers set up by volunteers and organizations around the world that help users communicate freely.

WhatsApp also called on those who can help others connect by creating a contact agent to contribute.

Privacy & Security

Emphasizing user privacy, she explained that connecting through a proxy maintains the high level of privacy and security provided by the service, adding, “Your private messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, ensuring they stay between you. and the person you are communicating with, and are not visible to anyone in between. Neither proxy servers nor WhatsApp nor Meta can see it.”

“Our wish for 2023 is that these internet outages never happen,” she added.

A new security option is now available in the Settings menu for anyone using the latest version of the WhatsApp app.

Connect to a proxy on Android

The new option for WhatsApp users on Android system can be accessed by clicking on the “Chats” tab, the three dots in the top left corner, then clicking on “Settings”, “Storage” and “Data”, scrolling down to the last proxy option (Proxy). , tap Proxy Settings, and turn on Use Proxy.

However, there is a warning from WhatsApp: “Do not use a proxy if you cannot connect to WhatsApp. Your IP address may be shown to the proxy service provider. This is not whatsapp.

Below the warning is an option called “Set Proxy”, where the user can enter the proxy address they have. Then finally click on the “Save” option. Then a green check mark will appear if the connection through the proxy was successful.

If the user is still unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages using a proxy server, that proxy server may be blocked. So you can long press on a blocked proxy address to remove it and then enter a new proxy address to try again.

Contact agent on iPhone

As with Android, this option can be accessed by going to Settings, then Storage & Data, then Proxy Server, then Use Proxy Server, then entering the proxy server address, then clicking “Save” to connect.

Users can download the WhatsApp app for Android through the Google Play Store, and for iOS system through Apple’s App Store. The app can also be downloaded for other mobile and desktop devices through the official website.

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