Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has apologized for his previous comments on Steven Gerrard’s famous mistake that cost Liverpool the Premier League title in 2013/14.

Pep Guardiola said at a press conference held on Tuesday ahead of his upcoming match against Arsenal: “I apologize to Gerrard for my stupid and unnecessary comment I made about him, he knows how much I admire him and his career and that he represented the country where I live and train.”

And the “philosopher of football” added: “I’m ashamed of myself, he doesn’t deserve what I said. I believe what I said at the last press conference in defense of the club, but I didn’t represent (City) well by putting his name in these stupid comments “.

He continued, “I apologize to him and I told him this in person, but it needs to be done here as well. I apologize to his family, wife and children.”

And Pep Guardiola responded to accusations against the club regarding financial irregularities in previous seasons, saying: “Someone wants to erase what we have achieved … I don’t know if we were responsible for Steven Gerrard’s slip at Anfield. It was Is it our fault? I respect (Stephen) But this moment belongs to our history (City won the league).

And the Spanish coach spoke about meeting Arsenal tomorrow Wednesday, saying: “They are the best team in the Premier League so far. We felt it two weeks ago. They have commitment and intensity. It’s going to be a big fight and we have have to prepare.”

And he continued, “I don’t feel like we weren’t at the same level a week ago and now we’ve got it back. Every match is unique. You can play well and win and everything is perfect, but tomorrow we can lose.” “

And he added: “There are still many matches ahead, and tomorrow is an important match. Everyone knows this and we will do our best because we want to score points.”

And he continued: “After this Nottingham Forest and the Champions League and 6 away matches, I have a feeling that a lot can happen, tomorrow’s match can help us, but there are still many difficult meetings ahead, that’s for sure. that we want to prove ourselves and change a lot of things.”

And about his worries about VAR’s impact on the championship race: “I don’t know, there have been some cases in recent days, but I don’t know what will happen.”

Guardiola concluded his speech by saying: “We will be training in the afternoon and at the moment I do not know the position of Erling Haaland. Yesterday his goal was to recover from the match against Aston Villa.

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