Iranian Sports and Youth Minister Hamid Reza Sajjadi denounced what he said was a “misrepresentation of the Persian Gulf name” in the Persian Gulf Cup, as well as the use of a fictitious name by the president of the International Football Association FIFA. “.

And the Al-Alam Kanal website reported that “following the misrepresentation of the historical name of the Persian Gulf during football matches of Arab countries in the Gulf region and the use of a fictitious name on a virtual page attributed to the president of the International Football Association, the Minister of Sports and Youth condemned this misrepresentation and urged the Football Association to take appropriate action and put a formal protest and subsequent legal action on the agenda as soon as possible.”

The Minister of Sports and Youth has also appointed the Department of International Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth as a special agent to investigate and follow up on the case at the Football Association’s focal point.

The name of the Persian Gulf was used in the Gulf 25 championship, which takes place in the Iraqi city of Basra from (6 to 19) January with the participation of teams from 8 Arab countries, namely: Iraq, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar.


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