Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani confirmed that an agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia could become a driving force for achieving stability for the benefit of the entire region.

In an article on the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Nasser Kanaani said: “The announcement of the resumption of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be considered one of the most important events of the current Year of Iran in the neighboring region, and this is an agreement that was reached with the reception and assistance of China, will be a continuation of efforts. The past efforts of the Republic of Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman have been instrumental in bringing closer and developing regional cooperation.

And Kanani added, “We can hope that the future of Western Asia and the Gulf region, with its very important geographical and political position, rich energy resources, natural wealth and abundant financial resources, will be on the road to the prosperity of the peoples of this region.”

He continued, “The regional policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past few decades has had a kind of continuity,” adding, “Over the past few decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has emphasized many principles and foundations in its regional relations. , including good neighborliness, focusing on common denominators, and resolving bad things.” Understanding and strengthening mechanisms that are dialogue-oriented and focused on cooperation and collective security, as well as factors that destabilize security and stability in the region.

Kanani wrote: “Government interaction and relations between the two peoples have always existed, despite some problems and disagreements. of the Islamic world”, continuing: “One of the main foreign policy strategies of the Republic is the Islamic Republic of Iran in strengthening relations with the countries of the region of Western Asia and the Islamic world, and constant efforts to achieve this strategy in the form of policies and initiatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different periods is a sign its great determination and will to strengthen relations with its neighbors, increase the authority and role of the region in international relations and reduce foreign interference. in the Persian Gulf and Western Asia, so that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the persistence of problems and conflicts between neighboring countries and their escalation into crises serve only the interests of external powers.

And he added: “Given the bitter experience and the consequences of years of misunderstandings, crises, instability and devastating wars in the region, which were mainly the result of devastating foreign interventions, the time has come to resolve existing differences and problems, for the benefit of the countries of the region through dialogue and mutual respect” and good neighborliness, and many examples have shown that diplomacy can be used even in crisis situations, which portends a stable region with a brighter horizon and more prosperity in the future. generations. The interests of the Islamic world and the Islamic nation also depend on the rapprochement and cooperation of Islamic countries and the unification of their members and their rapprochement around the origins and foundations of the Islamic religion, as well as avoiding division and conflicts between the followers of Islamic sects. Thus, the Iranian-Saudi agreement can renew relations between them if they care about and focus on the interests of the Islamic nation, which creates the basis for a new direction and an increased role in serving the interests of the countries and peoples of the region.

Kanani emphasized that “the Zionist entity, as a supposed regime imposed on the geography of the Islamic world, has always sought to ensure its security in the light of insecurity and instability in the region and the Islamic world, and the Zionist entity continues to occupy Jerusalem, which is the first qibla for Muslims, and continues to make their daily crimes against the Palestinians”. Considering that “the expansion of the presence of this Zionist entity in the geopolitics of the Islamic world is a threat to the country in general and the country of the region in particular.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to resume bilateral relations and reopen two embassies and diplomatic missions within a maximum of two months after a 7-year hiatus.

Source: “Mehr”

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