Arrest Made in Foiled Terrorist Attack in Saqqez, Iran


On Saturday, Iranian security authorities successfully apprehended a terrorist group that had entered the country through the Iraqi Kurdistan region. Their intention was to open fire on an illegal meeting taking place in the city of Saqqez, as reported by Mehr news agency.

Details of the Incident

Mehr News Agency reported that the arrests took place on the anniversary of the start of protests and unrest in Iran. The security authorities managed to apprehend members of a gang connected to terrorist organizations. These individuals had entered Iran through Iraqi Kurdistan with the intention of opening fire on an illegal rally held in Saqqez.

Weapons and Evidence Recovered

The authorities recovered several weapons from the four-member gang, including three Kalashnikov rifles, a pistol, a hunting rifle, and a number of white weapons. Additionally, two sets of military uniforms belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran forces were also found in their possession.


Mehr news agency suggests that the gang members planned to use the military uniforms in order to deceive and blame the country’s security guards for their criminal act. This highlights the seriousness of the threat posed by these terrorists.


Source: Mehr

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