Israel’s National Security Minister Condemns Knife Attack in Jerusalem


Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir commented on a knife attack with a machete that took place today, Wednesday, near the Hebron Gate in Jerusalem.

Minister’s Response

Ben Gvir wrote on Platform X (formerly Twitter): “My wishes for recovery to the victims of the knife attack near Bab al-Khalil and it is because of cases like this that I am working hard to change the existing concept.”

“In organizations associated with the Department of Homeland Security until today. The natural place for terrorists is the grave. And if they end up in jail, they should be allowed to suffer as much as possible. The whole world is laughing at the conditions of detention of terrorists in Israeli prisons.”

Call for Harsher Punishments

He added: “Once a Palestinian knows before he goes for an operation what he will have to go through in prison, he will think twice before carrying out the operation, and in case he decides to perform it, the place of the Palestinian prisoners will be a cemetery. But if they will be imprisoned, we must work to make their lives miserable and increase their suffering as much as possible.”

Details of the Attack

Earlier today, the media reported that a knife attack near the Hebron Gate in occupied Jerusalem resulted in three injuries, one of them serious, and the attacker was arrested by the Israeli police.

Tweet from Itamar Ben-Gvir

So Hsiba Shaani hired all of our children and our sponsors in Aragon. What do you think of your beloved children and what do you think of your daughter’s family? They don’t matter either. All children of Israel, all sisters of Israel.

— איתמר בן גביר (@itamarbengvir) September 6, 2023


Source: RT

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