The Saudi project to clear Masam mines in Yemen says that more than 1,300 explosive remnants of war were cleared in areas controlled by the internationally recognized government in the first week of June.

In a report released today Sunday, the project operations department said field teams cleared a total of 1,339 mines, unexploded ordnance and explosive devices between June 3 and 9, 2023, adding to the total number of what more than 20,000 explosive remnants of war have been cleared since the beginning of this year.

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The report added that 1,259 unexploded ordnance, 67 anti-tank and 9 anti-personnel mines, as well as 4 explosive devices were cleared last week, resulting in the clearance of 278,682 square meters of explosives.

He explained that the total amount of what has been cleared and destroyed since the start of the project in Yemen at the end of June 2018 is under the control of the recognized government.

The report indicated that the total number of explosives seized and destroyed during the five-year period of the project was 248,842 unexploded ordnance, 139,423 anti-tank mines, as well as 7,806 explosive devices and 6,187 anti-personnel mines.

The Houthi militia is the only party in all parties to the war to plant mines and explosive devices of various types and sizes, even internationally banned “individual” ones, as Yemen has witnessed the largest mine-laying operation since the end of World War II. according to human rights reports.

Human rights reports show that Houthi fighters have planted over two million mines, killing and injuring over 20,000 civilians.

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