Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that the Tomahawk cruise missiles that Japan plans to buy from the US will be the last version with the ability to evade interception.

Kishida said, speaking before the budget committee in the House of Representatives of Japan today, Wednesday: “The Tomahawk missiles that our country plans to purchase are the latest version. They have various capabilities, including the ability to evade interception,” stressing that the acquisition of missiles of this type is to meet the need to increase the country’s defense capability.

According to Kishida, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces need strike weapons with a range that exceeds the range of attack weapons available to the alleged enemy.

And yesterday, Tuesday, Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said that the Japanese government intends to conclude a major contract with the United States for the purchase of Tomahawk missiles, without giving specific numbers, while the Kyodo agency indicated, citing sources, that Tokyo plans to purchase Tomahawk has about 500 missiles in fiscal year 2023.

On December 16, the Japanese government approved a new national defense strategy, which provides, in particular, the country’s right to launch counterattacks on targets located on the territory of a potential enemy, preventing preemptive strikes.

The document also provides for doubling the country’s defense spending and increasing it to 2% of GDP by 2027. As part of the development of counter-offensive capabilities, Japan plans to increase the range of its “existing missiles” and purchase Tomahawks. US cruise missiles.

Source: “News”

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