Live-Action Adaptation of The Mysterious Cities of Gold Announced

A popular anime adaptation of One Piece is currently making waves on Netflix, and now another beloved 80s series is set to receive its own live-action adaptation: The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

The announcement came through a press release from C4 Productions, which was reported by Allociné. The original series, based on the novel The Road to Gold by Scott O’Dell, first premiered in June 1982 and consisted of a single season with 39 episodes.

The story focuses on the adventures of young Esteban as he embarks on a quest to find the legendary Cities of Gold. A sequel to the original series was released in 2012, comprising a whopping 78 episodes. The upcoming live-action adaptation will feature Esteban and his friends, although specific details about the production are still unknown, including the release date and any promotional images.

Director Jean-Marie Antonini from C4 Productions has partnered with producer Remi Préchac from Un pour Tous productions to develop and produce this iconic and ambitious series that appeals to multiple generations.

Can The Mysterious Cities of Gold Replicate One Piece’s Success?

Currently, One Piece is generating immense excitement among viewers. Since its launch, the live-action series has become the most-watched show on Netflix in over 80 countries. Although critics’ opinions are divided, One Piece has already accumulated 18.5 million views and 140.1 million hours of viewing in just four days. Following in the footsteps of this popular manga, the Avatar franchise is also set to be adapted into a live-action series on Netflix. While not officially confirmed by Netflix, insider @AvatarNews has been a reliable source in the past and suggests a potential release date of February 2024 for the TV show.

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