CNN reported that the US may send Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine this week.

U.S. officials told CNN on Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s administration is in the final stages of shipping the systems, and an announcement could be made this week.

Officials say the Pentagon’s plan must be approved by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin before it is sent to President Biden for signature.

The plan is awaiting approval, officials said. As soon as work on the plan is completed, it is expected that in the coming days the systems will be sent in the shortest possible time, and the training of Ukrainian crews on how to work with the systems will take place at the Gravenwehr base for US forces in Germany.

CNN indicated that it is not known how many systems will be offered to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been asking for months for a Patriot air defense system, but Washington has not provided it due to logistical obstacles and the complexity of using the systems, but “reality on the ground” prompted the US administration to take action. the decision to send the systems to Ukraine, according to a senior US administration official.

Source: CNN

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