Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday that the Ukrainian conflict will last for a period that could reach decades.

Medvedev told reporters during a visit to Vietnam: “I think this conflict will last, maybe decades. This is a new reality and new living conditions,” Russian media reported.

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He also stressed that “as long as the Ukrainian government exists, there will be, for example, 3 years of truce, and two years of conflict, and this will be repeated, so the Nazi regime in Kiev must be eliminated.”

“You will not achieve a military victory.”

The statements came after General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Army Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Thursday believed that Russia would not achieve a military victory in Ukraine, adding that it was also unlikely that all Russian forces would be defeated anytime soon. .

He told reporters at the Pentagon at the end of a virtual meeting with dozens of countries backing Ukraine that “Russia is not going to win this war militarily,” AFP reported.

“The fight will go on”

He also made it clear that Russia’s main strategic goals, including the overthrow of the government in Kyiv, “cannot and will not be achieved militarily.”

However, at the same time, he said that hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers in Ukraine make Kyiv’s attempts to regain control over its entire territory unlikely “in the short term.”

He also added: “This means that the fighting will continue and it will be bloody and difficult. At some point, both sides will come to a settlement or come to a military outcome.”

About 65 billion dollars

Notably, the US led the pressure for international support for Ukraine and rushed to form an alliance to support Kyiv after the Russian military operation in February 2022 and the coordination of aid from dozens of countries.

In total, Ukraine’s supporters have provided about $65 billion in military aid, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

It is noteworthy that Russia has always warned the West against steps to supply weapons to Ukraine, while tensions between it and the West have escalated unprecedentedly.

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