MI7 isn’t the biggest hit of 2023, and that’s good news

The year started with the release of several significant movies, including Mission Impossible 7, also known as Dead Reckoning, Part. I. It received critical acclaim and earned over $560 million globally. However, despite its impressive success, Christopher McQuarrie’s film is not the most-watched movie of the year. Surprisingly, this is considered good news by McQuarrie.

Barbenheimer, the winning duo!

During an interview on the Empire Spoiler Specials podcast by ScreenRant, Christopher McQuarrie discussed Mission Impossible 7, featuring Tom Cruise. However, he took the opportunity to acknowledge and commend two films that surpassed his own.

Mission Impossible 7 received a warm reception, but it was overshadowed by two other productions. The first one is Christopher Nolan’s biopic, Oppenheimer, which earned a staggering $777 million. The second film, Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, achieved an even more remarkable feat. It surpassed $1.35 billion at the box office, making Gerwig the first director to achieve this milestone. McQuarrie commends both films for their phenomenal success.

Furthermore, McQuarrie states that “it’s a triumph for new licenses, it’s a triumph for films that aren’t sequels.” Essentially, he sees himself as a gracious loser in this scenario.

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