Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said today, Friday, that Russia has three possible responses to the Western ceiling on Russian oil prices, the TASS news agency reported.

While he did not elaborate on what those options were, he said that Moscow was preparing a presidential decree regarding its response.

On the other hand, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told reporters yesterday Thursday that the Biden administration had no reason to believe that the Russian government was involved in Turkey’s decision to block ships from entering the Mediterranean.

Yellen added that the administration sees no reason to subject oil supplies from Kazakhstan to new procedures, Reuters reported.

Shipping agency Tribeca said the number of oil tankers waiting in the Black Sea to cross the Bosphorus in Istanbul towards the Mediterranean rose to 20 today, Friday, as Turkey negotiates to settle an insurance dispute related to an increase in number of tankers. waiting for oil tankers.

On Thursday, Ankara said it would continue blocking oil tankers that did not have the appropriate insurance letters and needed time to check.

The ship buildup is a growing concern in the oil and tanker markets and comes at a time when the G7 and the European Union are setting a ceiling on the price of Russian oil.

Millions of barrels of oil are transported south every day from Russian ports through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles in Turkey to the Mediterranean.

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