Today, Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that 63 Russian servicemen were killed in a Ukrainian missile attack on the temporary deployment of the armed forces in Makevka, Donetsk region, in southeastern Ukraine.

The ministry added that the bombing was carried out by four missiles with high-explosive fragmentation warheads, noting that two missiles were shot down.

Donetsk was one of four Ukrainian regions that Russia declared annexation last year as part of its military operation launched in late February 2022.

Intense strikes on the cities of Ukraine

Russia stepped up its strikes on several Ukrainian cities shortly before and after New Year’s Eve, which Moscow said targeted the production of drones.

These attacks have targeted, among others, the capital, Kyiv, and seven other regions of Ukraine, according to the latest figures from local and regional authorities.

45 Russian drones shot down

The Ukrainian Air Force also announced the downing of 45 Russian drones at night, when the country entered the new year.

And said in a statement that the air defenses had destroyed 45 Shaheed drones, and the statement confirmed that 13 drones were shot down at the end of 2022 and 32 more in the new year.

Prevention of terrorist attacks

For its part, the Russian army confirmed on Sunday that strikes against several cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv on New Year’s Eve, were aimed at targets for marches to stop planned “terrorist attacks.”

According to her, “the plans of the Kyiv regime aimed at committing terrorist attacks on Russia in the near future have been thwarted.”

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