The Wall Street Journal, citing local meteorologists, said that New York smoke from wildfires in Canada will continue until next week.

This came after the newspaper quoted the National Meteorological Administration as continuing: “Air quality in the northeast of the country is expected to be unhealthy for the third consecutive day… Conditions should improve in the east early next week as winds blow in from the west, bringing with a smoke “from the east coast.”

According to the newspaper, next Friday the smoke will shift towards the southern part of the United States.

Air quality will be unhealthy for residents of North and South Carolina, as well as parts of Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma.

And authorities are still advising New Yorkers to stay at home as much as possible and wear masks when moving around the city, while Washington and its environs, New York and a number of northeastern states are shrouded in a yellowish-gray haze.

Over the past few weeks, wildfires have raged across Canada, engulfing several regions of the country simultaneously, as of last Tuesday, more than 400 fires were registered, and more than 200 of them have not yet been brought under control. The Canadian Armed Forces are involved in fighting the fires, and authorities on Tuesday announced a fundraiser to help those affected by wildfires.

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