With the start of military exercises between the US and South Korea approaching, North Korea on Sunday conducted a test launch of two strategic cruise missiles from a submarine, the Korean Central News Agency reported on Monday.

Notably, the term “strategic” is often used to describe nuclear weapons.

This launch was a test of the offensive actions of submarine units that are part of the North Korean nuclear deterrent.

About 1500 km

The Yeonjong submarine fired two missiles at 8:24 a.m. into the waters off Korea’s east coast early Sunday morning, KCNA said.

The two missiles traveled about 1,500 kilometers before hitting their target at sea.

High Availability

At the same time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that the army was on high alert and that the South Korean intelligence agency was working with its American counterpart to analyze the details of the launch, Reuters reported.

It comes at a time when South Korean and US forces are scheduled to begin an 11-day joint exercise on Monday called (Freedom Shield 23), Freedom Shield 23.

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